Integrity of Creation

Environmental destruction and climate change threaten many people in our member churches. That’s why we work towards a sustainable, healthy environment at the policy level and the project level.

UEM's work in environmental protection and climate justice

Droughts in Botswana, floods in Sri Lanka: the people of the Southern Hemisphere suffer most from climate change. We at the UEM and our member churches are therefore particularly active in the fight against climate change – in the form of awareness raising campaigns and practical projects. In the summer of 2010, we hired the climate consultants Richard Madete and Longgena Ginting to help our member churches in Africa and Asia develop climate protection projects and to ensure that good projects are emulated.

To advocate for climate protection, we are members of the Climate Alliance and we co-founded the Entwicklungspolitische Klimaplattform der Kirchen (Church Platform on Climate Change and Development).

Protect human livelihood

Climate protection is only one example of our work.We become active wherever our member churches provide concrete reports of the exploitation of creation and thus of a threat to human livelihood – for example clear-cutting of the rainforest in West Papua.

Environmental awareness in Germany

We are also committed to the integrity of creation within our own organisation.We offset the CO2 emissions of unavoidable business flights by payments to the Northelbian Mission Centre’s FlyingFair&Care Fund. The money goes towards a hydropower climate protection project in the Philippines.  Whenever possible, we make business trips within Germany by train, and of course only organic, fair trade coffee is served at our table.

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