For religious freedom. For human rights. C

Colourful church windows all well known, but Jewish and Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist Scenes? UEM’s human right’s campaign shows symbols of several religions next to each other. It’s aim: “For religious freedom. For human rights.”

The 2011 UEM human rights' campaign

In Indonesia Christians have more and more problems concerning religious freedom. There are more and more attacks by fundamentalist Islamic movements, on Christians as well as on other religious groups and even on Muslim minorities. Religious freedom was written down in the Indonesian constitution. But reality shows a different picture.

Defending religious freedom in Europe as well

„Religious freedom is a human right”, Dr Jochen Motte, UEM’s Executive Secretary for Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation, says. “As a communion of churches we have to defend this right, not only where Christians are attacked, but also in Europe, where religious freedom gets more and more under pressure”. As examples Dr Motte mentioned the Swiss minaret ban and the discussion about wearing religious symbols in the public.

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