Inclusion is a human right

650 million people worldwide are living with a disability. And still they belong to those who are underprivileged the most in all communities. UEM is now taking sides for them. "For the human rights of people with disability", says the bill and information promotion.

UEM promotion for human rights of differently abled people

Inclusion is a human right. Therefore UEM promotes the rights of differently abled people.

"Our goal is to change perspectives", Jochen Motte, management member of the UEM, says. "Disability is not only the problem of those who are seen as disabled. Not people are disabled but people are prevented by bundaries to participate in life." Six years after the UN passed the agreement about the rights of people with disability, the inclusion - the cooperation between people with and without disability in normal ways - is not self-evident at all.

Just the opposite - in some countries people with disability are still exposed to human rights violation such as prohibition of marriage and founding a family, compulsory sterilization, sexualized violence, compulsory accomodation in special homes or the restraint to vote.

The UEM promotes projects in Africa, Asia and Germany for people with disability. In the process the concept of integration and inclusion comes first. You find information about how to support these projects here.

You find information about the human rights promotion 2012 (landgrab) here.

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