"Getting wisdom is better than getting gold." With this verse from the book of proverbs 16, 16 we want to focus on the issue of education facing the coming promotion for the International Human Rights Day. Until today millions of children can not make use of this right. More than 67 million children at the age of primary school do not have the possibility to attend school.

UEM promotion for equal opportunities in education

Children are as different as the birds on the poster. There is an owl depicted. Being the bird of wisdom it has good vision in the dark, too. We do not want to equalize all birds but play a part in contributing so that all of them have the same ability to see. In other words: that all of them have the same chance to enjoy the human right on education.

Poverty prevents education

Today one out of three children in sub-Saharan Africa is affected by extreme poverty. But poverty prevents education, also in Germany. In Wuppertal alone, more than 30 percent of the children at the age of one to three years live in households which are relying on social benefits. Education in the sense of the general decleration of the human rights does not only convey knowledge but universal values like the awareness of one's own dignity and the dignity of others. Education develops character, builds tolerance between ethnical groups, nations and followers of different religious communities.

UEM supports projects

The UEM supports concrete projects in Tanzania, the Phillipines and Germany because the discrepancy in education and supply of teaching staff as well as the access to higher education between poor and rich are huge.

Find information about the promotion of human rights 2013 here.

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