Equal in mission

Gender Equality and the improvement of women's chances and living conditions are on eof our main concerns. Therefore, together with our member churches, we support projects for women.

UEM's interregional women's programme

In UEM we take care of an appropriate participation of women in all working areas. In special programmes women from Africa, Asia and Germany can meet, exchange and develop new ideas.

Women to Women

One of these programmes is "Women to Women": Women from different churches, countries and cultures get the chance, to meet and experience the every day life in one country. A solidary community beyond national and cultural boundaries can grow. We want to reach stakeholders from different bodies like women's, partnership and project groups, who are ready to contribute own experiences and resources.

Project "Women in Mission"

The project group "Women in Mission" was established in 1991 and aims at reviewing and recording mission history from women's perpectives. We publish the results and make them available to our member churches. The most recent documentation deals with mission work in North Sumatra/Indonesia and its influence on everyday life up to now.

Leadership training for women

At the end of 2010 ten women from Africa, Asia and Germany meet for the first women's leadership training. For one month they learn about developing strategies for implementing gender equality on a strucural level in their respective churches. They get management trainings such as team leading and project management, too.

Advisory Group on Women's Empowerment

As our work for women ist organised internationally, we have established an international "Advisory Group on Women's Empowerment". The advisory group meets one time a year und supports the planning, realisation and evaluation of projects and programmes.

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