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In order that as many people as possible from our member churches are still able to go to university and use their knowledge for the development of their church, we instituted a scholarship programme.



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UEM's scholarship programme

Our scholarship programme is geared in the main toward students who are striving for a Master or doctorate in Theology. But we also support students in Agricultural Economics, Education, Diaconic Sciences, Languages, and other subjects that are important to projects in our member churches. That’s why scholarship candidates are usually proposed by their member churches.

Gender equality

We are currently giving financial support to 98 students from Africa and Asia – more than ever before. Gender equality is of the utmost concern to us in awarding scholarships. At the moment, around the same number of women as men hold UEM scholarships. Many UEM scholars successfully completed their doctoral, master, or bachelor programmes.

Studies at universities nearby

Most students attend universities in neighbouring countries or in their region. Congolese, Rwandan, and Tanzanian students, for example, begin their studies in Kenya, Uganda, or South Africa; many Indonesians study in Hong Kong, Singapore, and especially the Philippines. In isolated cases – for example when the subject area is not offered at a university in the region – we provide scholarships for study at European universities.

Study groups

Since 2009, UEM scholars from different member churches have been able to study together in study groups. This not only makes university study easier, but also encourages mutual support and team spirit. At Silliman University in Dumaguete City, Philippines, for example, there’s a study group for those who have begun their Masters Course in Mission Studies. A similar group has been founded at Makumira University College in Tanzania. A further group is planned for the four students in Germany who are striving to complete their studies in Diaconic Science.

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