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One year abroad in Africa, Asia or Germany: We offer a chance for a one-in-a-lifetime-experience not only for young Germans. Our South-North Volunteer Programme is open for young adults from Africa and Asia.



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Programme 2020/21

The South-North Volunteer Programme of United Evangelical Mission

The UEM's volunteer programmes are a chance for young people to get to know other cultures, encounter life in a foreign cultural context, and expose and work in an environment different from one’s own. Since 2002, the United Evangelical Mission is inviting young people from Africa and Asia to participate in the South-North volunteer programme. Volunteers have the chance to grow personally in an informal learning process during their one-year-voluntary service in Germany, establish cross-cultural competence and intercultural leadership skills by working alongside those with a different background and viewpoints. They can learn about and contribute to existing partnerships and build up new ones. After the voluntary service, returnees can share what they have learned during their service with their own communities and networks at home. Host institutions in Germany get the chance to receive highly motivated volunteers that may bring in a new, different understanding of every day working culture, new perspectives and insights.

The South-North volunteer programme runs annually from April to end of March. Applicants should be available from January to prepare for their service and attend a German language course if necessary.

For a first glance at our South-North volunteer programme, kindly look at our flyer South-North Volunteers.

What is weltwärts?

Since 2016, all South-North volunteers of the UEM participate in the weltwärts programme, a programme by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

Please note: since all South-North volunteers are taking part in weltwärts, our South-North volunteer programme is a development service, it is not a missionary!

For more information about weltwärts, please also check:

Who can apply?

Young adults, aged 18-28 can apply for the programme. They have to be active members of an UEM member church and /or engaged socially or politically. The application must be forwarded by the respective churches' head office. Candidates should speak either English or German to apply.

All appllication documents can be found in the column on the left.

What kind of expenses are covered?

The UEM is covering the costs for the application of Visa, travel expenses during Visa Application (flight, bus, taxi), a German intensive language course (4 months maximum) between December 2018 and March 2019 and a flight ticket to/from Germany. During their stay in Germany, all volunteers receive a monthly pocket money (150 €) and are part of the social security (health security e.g.). South-North volunteers receive free accommodation and food allowance in their placements. The UEM is asking all volunteers to take part in the fundraising programme “United Action for Volunteers”.

What kind of work does a volunteer do?

All volunteers will be placed in a church-related work field. But as mentioned above, weltwärts is a secular programme and thus the work is orientated towards social work.
Placements do vary from year to year. They might be in
youth centres
organsations with a focus on disabled people
adult education
with refugees
with elderly people.

All placements are located within our German member churches in West Germany, within North Rhine Westphalia, Hesse, Rhineland-Platinate and Lower Saxony.

Interview with South-North-Volunteer Edith

Edith talks about the latest protests in Hongkong. The 25 year old volunteer works currently in Germany for one year. Find the interview here.

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