Diaconia network and staff exchange

Through the international cooperation and alumni work of the VEM, a lively network of diaconal institutions and universities has emerged which help and advise each other. The VEM promotes and facilitates this exchange through educational offers, project funding and, above all, personnel and technical exchange.



Matthias Börner
Head of International Diaconia
Grete-Reich-Weg 9
Bielefeld , 33617 Germany
+49 (0)521 144-4524
Rhoda Lynn Gregorio
Coordinator International Diaconia
Grete-Reich-Weg 9
Bielefeld , 33617 Germany
+49 (0)521 / 144-4525
Petra Haupt
Assistant International Diaconia
Grete-Reich-Weg 9
Bielefeld , 33617 Germany
+49 (0)521 144-4521

Exchange of Experts for Diaconia

International personnel exchange within the area of Diakonia

Organizations, companies and churches all over the world find different contextual answers to diaconal tasks. The offers of health care, the educational possibilities for social professions or also financing concepts of the Diakonie differ within the UEM members in part considerably. This is precisely why the different experiences can enrich the view of one's own context and shed new light on questions such as the relationship between deaconry and the church or provide innovative impulses for one's own work by getting to know one another. The International Diaconia of the UEM promotes the exchange of lecturers at universities, sends experts for training and advice and makes new impulses possible through visiting programmes.

International Network Alumni Network (ICDM)

The Master's programme in Diakonie Management has created an international network of graduates, some of whom now hold leading positions in shaping the diaconal mission of their churches, are active in teaching or have completed a further course of study or doctorate. Every year, the nearly 40 alumni from Indonesia, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Hong Kong, China, South Africa, Namibia, Tanzania, Ghana and Cameroon meet. In 2018, the annual meeting sponsored by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) will take place in Jakarta, Indonesia. The network serves the collegial counselling, the continuous exchange of local development and challenges, the support of the diaconal work of UEM and the continuous further education. The VEM supports the network in an advisory and administrative capacity as well as in the organisation of the annual alumni meetings.

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