Study course on Diakonia and Social work (BA)

Studying Diakonie and Social Work in an international context is the innovative and contemporary approach of this BA degree programme. In addition to providing central expertise in social work and deaconry, the international approach of the programme conveys special skills for diaconal development cooperation and in the area of migration.   



Matthias Börner
Head of the International Diakonia Program and of Training Centre Bielefeld-Bethel
Grete-Reich-Weg 9
Bielefeld , 33617 Germany
+49 (0)521 144-4524

Diaconia and Social Work (BA)

International Degree Course in Diakonia and Social Work (BA) in Development

The course is developed jointly and participatively by experts and universities in Africa, Asia and Europe. An accreditation of the programme on all three continents is aimed for.  Curricula, modules, structures and concepts of bleded e-learning are developed in cooperation with universities in Africa, Asia and Europe through international conferences, study trips and international symposia. The BA Diakonia programme will offer a strong combination of practice and theory as well as a high internationality of students, study locations, lecturers and content. Studies are scheduled to begin in 2020. Application documents for the first study course are expected to be available for download on this page from August 2019.


EvH Bochum (Germany)

FHDD Bielefeld (Germany)

TUDARCo (Tanzania)

PUR Huya (Rwanda)

Sekolah Deaconess Balige (Indonesia)

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