Spreading God's passion

All over the world, evangelical church congregations are spreading the word about God’s passion for humankind: In the city of Dortmund, Germany as well as in the highlands of West Papua, in the Botswana bushland and in the hills of the Hunsrück. The UEM supports their creative work.



Rev. Dr Claudia Währisch-Oblau
Executive Secretary Evangelism
Rudolfstrasse 137
Wuppertal , 42285 Germany
+49 (0)202 89004-190

UEM's help in developing congregations

We offer our member churches and their congregations support for their work in the form of materials that can easily be put to use by congregations. We also provide training in creative community work to open up wholly new paths.

Training for preachers and evangelists

We offer seminars for preachers and evangelists on a variety of topics. It is important to us that our member churches are able to learn from one another. For example, African preachers teach how to make sermons particularly vivid, German pastors tell about combining evangelism and cultural projects, and some Asian congregations evangelise on the Web. In joint workshops, they explore the influence of pop culture on church work. All to be able to show how timely the church and its message are, now and in the future.

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