Open to go. How to become the church of tomorrow today.

Church changes. If it does not, it has not anything to say anymore. That is why an international UEM group has developed the working book "Open to go".



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Evangelism and popular culture

Church changes. If it does not, it has not anything to say anymore to the people, especially to the younger generation. That is true all over the world. No matter whether in Africa, Asia or Europe, traditional structures of church congregations do not fit to changed milieus, growing mobility or social networks. That is why the united Evangelical Mission (UEM) has set up an international working group which travelled through Germany, Indonesia and Tanzania and observed that the most creative projects and developments of Christianity are found at the fringes of the churches - or even beyond.

This full colour workbook tells about the findings of the working group and bolsters to find own new ways of building up the church of tomorrow. For this reason it contains a lot of tools for the congregational workshop: A comprehensive questionnaire, bible studies, prayers, pictures and basic introductions into evangelism and culture.

Open to Go has been published in English, German, Kisuaheli, Bahasa Indonesia and French. Hard copies can be ordered from UEM. Download the English publication here.

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