We live our partnerships without frontiers

Because we understand ourselves as parts of the one body of Christ:

• we support various forms of partnership among our members based on respect, mutuality, and transparency

• we facilitate exchange visits for staff, experts, and volunteers

• we create partnership networks to open up and strengthen multilateral relations. 



Kristina Neubauer
responsible for partnerships and projects in Asia
+49 (0)202 89004-164
Uli Baege
responsible for partnerships and projects in Africa
+49 (0)202 89004-181
Lena Wallraff
responsible for partnerships in Germany
+49 (0)202 89004-153
Julian Elf
Officer for school partnerships
Rudolfstr. 137
Wuppertal , 42285 Germany
+49 (0)202 89004-159

UEM International Partnership Conference

Partnerships within the UEM

Contacts, visits, friendships – the UEM partnership network makes the global church visible. There are 101 partnerships between German, African, and Asian church congregations and church districts. These partnerships form the basis of our work. Partnership activities are an irreplaceable treasure.


UEM's partnership network

UEM's partnership network

Exchange is also important between people in the same country or on the same continent who are actively involved in partnerships. We offer a variety of events on this subject: partnership seminars, conferences, and consultations.


Trainings for partnership participants

Trainings for partnership participants

Whether seminars on intercultural communication or project management – partnerships too are helped by having the right tools. We offer individual training opportunities.


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