Tools for the partnerships

It can’t hurt to have the right tools for a partnership. We offer partnership groups a variety of seminars and other training possibilities that can be tailored to the group’s individual needs.



Frauke Bürgers
Officer for Partnerships
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Kristina Neubauer
Officer for partnerships
+49 (0)202 89004-164

Trainings for those who are active in partnerships

Our offer includes preparing partnership visits or evaluation of partnerships. Seminars on project management are important for managing or assessing a joint project. Seminars on intercultural communication help prevent misunderstandings and aid in understanding possible conflicts.

We also offer seminars on special topics for partnership groups, such as fair trade, HIV/AIDS in the partner country, or the situation of women there. Last but not least, language classes in Swahili, Indonesian, Tagalog, English and French help prepare people working within partnerships to communicate even better with their partners in Africa and Asia – all so that our partnerships work even more smoothly. If you have a specific question, please contact our educational centres.

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