Partnerships - irreplacable treasures

Where are we closer to one another than in a partnership? This is also true of our work. That’s why we have a partnership network with 101 partnerships between German and African/Asian church congregations and church districts.



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Partnership guidelines

Parapat Statement

Bad Driburg Agreement 2013

UEM Project Manual (Planning Projects in Partnership)

Partnerships within the UEM

In many partnerships – some in existence since the 1970s – close relationships between countries and continents have been built up through mutual support and regular contact and visits. Personal meetings allow people to experience what it means when we speak of the church as a global communion. Partnerships enrich us by providing new perspectives. For us, the people active in our partnerships are an irreplaceable treasure.

New forms of partnerships

The partnership network is also growing through the active search for new forms of partnerships. These do not always have to be between two church districts, but can be thematic in nature and for example have “women” as their theme or be between two institutions such as universities or hospitals. Currently, new "trilateral partnerships" are also being formed among church districts or institutions in three countries.

A helpful orientation: partnership guidelines

Partnerships change over the years, so it helps when there’s a framework to guide people. We have developed such a framework: the Partnership Guidelines. These were not developed on a drawing board, but rather formed out of the diverse experiences of the partnerships themselves. Please find here the guidelines in English, French and Bahasa Indonesia.

Partnership Conference 2012

In July 2012, the 2nd UEM International Partnership Conference in North Sumatra endet with the adoption of the Parapat-Statement. Therin the delegates formulated their recommendations for future partnership work.

One of the most important results is the delegates' clear affirmation of the partnership guidelines. The delegates want to make them better known at the basis within the next years. The extension of partnership structures in Asia and Africa was thoroughly discussed as well as the necessity of working out a pertnership handbook for the churches of the South. More recommendations were put down in these papers:

Interested in a partnership?

If you would like to know more about an existing partnership or about how to create a partnership, don’t hesitate to contact us. As a beginning, there are often opportunities to travel to our sisters and brothers in Africa and Asia.

UEM partnership prize 2018

In 2018 UEM will once again award the best partnership projects in Africa, Asia and Germany. This time, the focus shall be on projects of and for women, with the important stipulation that the target groups be involved from the beginning. The most outstanding partnership projects will be awarded during the UEM General Assembly of 2018 in North Sumatra (Indonesia). First prize is an award of two thousand Euros. Second prize is an award of one thousand Euros, and third prize is five hundred Euros.

Applications can be submitted to the UEM until 30 June 2018. More information on the conditions of the competition can be downloaded here:

UEM Partnership Prize 2018 - German

UEM Partnership Prize 2018 - English

UEM Partnership Prize 2018 - French

UEM Partnership Prize 2018 - Kiswahili

UEM Partnership Prize 2018 - Bahasa Indonesia

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