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We take up suggestions from our members in Africa and Asia. We support the inter-religious dialogue. We connect and educate people and reflect on international ideas of education and develop them furthermore. Our variety of extraordinary language courses completes our program.


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Elke Patalla
Training Centre Wuppertal
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Matthias Börner
Head of the International Diakonia Program and of Training Centre Bielefeld-Bethel
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Annual Program 2018 (German)

Our seminars 2019 according to our fields of activities

Our events are offers within the meaning of the 1st Continuing Education Act NRW. We are a member of the Evangelischer Erwachsenenbildungswerk Nordrhein e.V., the supporting association of a further education institution in North Rhine-Westphalia (WbG NRW in the new version of 14 April 2000) recognised according to § 14 of the 1st Continuing Education Act, which is responsible for the planning and implementation of the further education events we offer.


  • Summer School: Mediation, Conflict Resolution and Human Rights Protection (13.-27. 07. 2019 )

    Conflicts and tensions, but also an increase in racist attitudes, can be observed in many societies worldwide. Church actors are often active on the ground as mediators to balance interests and find viable solutions for pacification.

    This is where the international Summer School "Mediation, Conflict Resolution and Human Rights Protection" comes in. Dedicated interested parties from the church context are invited to engage with concepts of constructive conflict management with a special focus on mediation and approaches to the protection of human rights. By interlinking the fields of conflict transformation and human rights, the relevance of the connection between the two fields of activity should be made clear.

    International speakers will provide theoretical and practical content on specific topics. The aim is to build on the concrete experiences of the participants. At the end of the Summer School, participants will be invited to design their own peace and human rights projects.

    Excursions to initiatives and programs of civil and church peace and human rights work round off the program.

    Target group:
    Church leaders, pastors, youth leaders and other interested individuals who are involved in peace and reconciliation projects on a full-time or honorary basis or who are entrusted with the development of new project and program ideas in the field of peace and human rights work within the scope of their professional task profile. 

    13. - 27. July 2019

    Dr Jochen Motte, Department of Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation, UEM
    Lusungu Mbilinyi, UEM Training Centre Wuppertal

    Elke Patalla, UEM

  • Foundations of Development Policy for Volunteers (08.-10. 03. 2019)

    Global economic correlations and options for action

    Everyone is talking about globalization and the global economy. What exactly lies behind this and what my purchasing behavior has to do with working conditions in developing countries will be discussed in this seminar. Which structures prevent economic development? What are the power relations between the actors? We not only learn the theoretical basics, but also share our experiences with each other as an international group.

    A voluntary service with UEM is not only a unique opportunity to gain new impressions, broaden one's horizons and gain concrete insights, but also requires a discussion of our world economic system. This weekend, as an international group of South-North and North-South volunteers, we experience how we can take responsibility for a fairer world. We get to the bottom of global economic issues and discuss alternative consumption options.

    Target Group:
    North-South Volunteers and South-North Volunteers

    08 - 10 March 2019

    Lena Wallraff, UEM
    Dr Jean-Gottfried Mutombo, MÖWe

    The costs for meals and accommodation (double room) are paid by the UEM.

    Haus Friede, Hattingen House Friede, Hattingen

    Elke Patalla, UEM



  • Intercultural and Interreligious Intercultural and Interreligious Competence (11.-15. 02 2019 and 03.-07. 06. 2019)

    Ecumenical Week of the Vicars

    Everyday life is more and more determined by the fact that people of different origins and cultures, different denominations or religions live together in a dense space. For the church this results in unusual challenges and new tasks.

    In the ecumenical week, vicars are introduced to the wide range of questions arising from this. The following topics are an integral part of the vicar courses: intercultural communication, impulses of the ecumenical movement, mission and colonialism, ecumenical spirituality, international church partnerships, theology of religions, Christian-Muslim dialogue, inner-Evangelical and Evangelical-Catholic ecumenism, training in ecumenical information capacity.

    Target group:
    Vicars within the framework of education

    February 11th - 15th 2019
    June 03th - 07th, 2019

    Lusungu Mbilinyi, UEM
    Carolin Reichart, Seminar for Pastoral Education and Training, Wuppertal  

    Seminar for pastoral education and training, theological centre Wuppertal (


  • Interfaith Families (25. 02. – 3. 03. 2019)

    46th International Conference for dialogue amongst Jews, Christians and Muslims (JCM)
    There is no data about how many are living in interfaith families. Yet, one thing is certain: Their number is growing due to globalization and our changing society – even if bureaucratic hurdles for mixed faith marriages are high and families and religious communities often react with skepticism. Indeed, different concepts of living in the confined space of a family can mean a big challenge.

    Do they lead to a dilution of one’s own religious identity? Don’t interfaith families tend to take a distance to their religious communities or the communities to them? Or how can an interfaith family succeed in mutually giving space to everybody to live his or her religious life? Can there be a satisfying or even enriching way of negotiating? Interfaith families live in a small context what is needed in larger ones, like in our religious communities and even in our society. Can we learn from the experiences of those interfaith families for our relation to the totally other beside us?

    Interreligious discussion groups are the core aspect of the JCM conference which offer a safe space for interaction. In addition, creative groups and presentations on the theme from three faith perspectives allow for further opportunities for meeting and dialogue. Students and scholars are also given a chance to share insights into their studies and research with other participants. Celebrating services together enables the participants to experience the three religions and learn more about them.

    The languages used during the conference will be German and English. All contents will be translated.
    Target group: students and their teachers, as well as all those interested in, and actively committed to, dialogue amongst the three religions.

    25. February – 3. March 2019

    Standing Conference of Jews, Christians and Muslims (JCM); Lusungu Mbilinyi, VEM; Johanna Kuhn, EKiR

    Single room with en-suite bathroom (£370)
    Single room with shared bathroom (£330)
    Double room with en-suite bathroom (£295)
    Double room with shared bathroom (£255)
    Multiple-occupancy room (£220)
    Reduced rate (£130) for students, unemployed and those on low income

    Youth Training Centre “Haus Wasserburg”, Vallendar (

    Elke Patalla, UEM


  • Jews, Christians and Muslims study together

    Kirchliche Hochschule Wuppertal/Bethel, the Institute for Islamic Theology Osnabrück and the Abraham Geiger Kolleg Berlin in cooperation with UEM

    In spring 2016 the Kirchliche Hochschule Wuppertal/Bethel, the Institut für Islamische Theologie Osnabrück and the Abraham Geiger Kolleg Berlin signed an agreement for cooperation in the training of the respective young theologians. The core of the cooperation is the joint participation of students from the three institutes in the annual international conference on the dialogue between Jews, Christians and Muslims (JCM). Three interreligious compact seminars - in Wuppertal, Berlin and Osnabrück - round off the cooperation.

    The embedding of the JCM conference in the basic training of young theologians is of great ecclesiastical, academic and civil society interest. Dialogical experiences and personal contacts will characterize academic courses. They should contribute to educating those responsible for religious communities in a pluralizing society.

    Target group:
    Students of the Kirchliche Hochschule Wuppertal/Bethel, the Institute for Islamic Theology Osnabrück and the Abraham Geiger Kolleg Berlin

    24.02.-03.03.2019 (Vallendar)
    05.04.-07.04.2019 (Berlin)
    03.05.-05.05.2019 (Osnabrück)

    Dr. Jörg Ballnus, Osnabrück
    Johanna Kuhn, EKiR
    Rabbi Dr. Edward van Voolen, Berlin
    Leonie Wieser, Wuppertal, Germany

    Vallendar Youth Training Centre
    Abraham Geiger College Berlin
    Institute for Islamic Theology Osnabrück


  • Partnership Conference in the German Region (28.09.2019)

    Every partnership is different, but there are also issues in partnership work that concern everyone: Communication, finances or theological questions, for example. They should not only be discussed in country-specific seminars, but should also be discussed together in order to facilitate and make clear a broader exchange of experience: We are on the way together.

    The Africa/Asia Partnership Coordination Committee of the German Region is responsible for the conference. At this year's conference, the committee would like to discuss current issues with the partnerships and agree on steps for further development. Current impulses from the member churches and partnership groups will be included. 

    Target group:
    committed people from churches and institutions with partnership relations, interested people

    September 28, 2019

    Lena Wallraff, UEM
    Members of the Coordination Committee
    Partnership Africa/Asia

    30 €
    Reduction possible for young adults

    On the Holy Mountain | Conference House, Wuppertal

    Elke Patalla, UEM

  • Country seminars

    Where are we closer than in a partnership? That is why there is a partnership network with over 100 partnerships between German, African and Asian parishes and church districts.

    Through mutual support, regular contacts and visits, many of these partnerships have built up close relations between countries and continents, in some cases over 30 years. In personal encounters, people learn what it means to speak of the church as a global community.

    Partnerships enrich through new perspectives. In the seminars current topics from church, society, politics and economy are taken up and analyzed against the background of the respective partnership. The political lobbying and advocacy work of the churches and partnership groups is supported and promoted. Thus the seminars also become an exchange forum for all interested parties. The current topics can be found in the announcements of the individual seminars.

    Target group:
    committed people from churches and institutions with partnership relations, interested people

    11.-12.01. Country Seminar Indonesia
    25.-27.01. Country Seminar West-Papua, Hattingen
    08.-09.02. Country Seminar Rwanda
    15-16.02. Country Seminar Namibia/Botswana
    15.-16.03. Country Seminar Tanzania
    10-11.05. Country Seminar DR Congo
    02.11. Country Seminar Cameroon

    Uli Baege, Africa Department, UEM
    Kristina Neubauer, Asia Department, UEM
    Lena Wallraff, UEM
    Further resource persons from GMÖ, EKiR and MÖWe, EKvW

    85 € (overnight stay in double room)
    95 € (overnight stay in single room)
    Location: Unless otherwise stated:
    On the Holy Mountain | Tagungshaus, Wuppertal

    Elke Patalla, UEM

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