Climate Action Day

Let’s set off

The Greenland and Arctic ice shields are melting in record time,
heat waves and water scarcity destroy harvests,
and people lose their houses in storms or floods.
But climate-damaging emissions are on the rise again…

At last year’s climate summit in Paris a climate agreement was concluded for all the 195 states.
This must be followed up by actions now!
Show with your individual actions that a change is possible and ask politicians to take action. According to the motto “Active on the Spot – globally networked!” young people from all over the world participate in the Climate Action Day on the 3rd of December.

United strong for climate protection! Already on the last year`s Climate Action Days young people from Africa, Asia and Europe have made an appointment for common engagement: They planted trees, swapped plastic bags for cloth bags, discussed at climate concerts about renewable energies and much, much more.

Alternatives do exist. Why, therefore, should we leave decisions about our planet’s future to politicians alone?

Climate Action Day is a worldwide movement of young people who feel concerned about climate change and global injustice. They point out opportunities for action. They learn from each other. At any place on Earth we have to face special challenges. Reduction of consumption and waste, acting environmentally friendly and dedication to renewable energies instead of coal combustion are some of our key issues. Become part of this worldwide movement and show the world, what young people are able to set up – alone, with friends, with your youth group or class.

Get climate-active on 3. December 2016 – be it with small or big actions and get connected with other young activists on
This video gives you some impressions of last year´s Climate Action Day.

The call for action in Swahili can be found here.

Take Action!

Campaign for climate protection at the international Climate Action Day on December 3th, 2016!
This is how it works:

Ask your friends, your classmates or your brothers and sisters, if they would like to plan an action with you. You can also participate as an individual.

Find an idea for an action: Whether it be planting trees, exchanging plastic bags for cotton bags, informing people about renewable energies or upcycling (means creating something new out of things other people throw away) – there are no limitations to your fantasy. Best ideas come about by using your own instincts. You can find some action ideas and a brochure with suggestions below on this website. Whether a big action or a small signal – each contribution is an advantage to worldwide climate protection.

Write a mail as soon as possible to or call our team (see contact) and give us a short information about your plans. In this way we can work together for making the actions public and establish skype contacts. Please contact us if your group needs any assistance concerning realization.

Post your ideas and find sympathizers on Here you come to know other people also caring about our world of tomorrow.

Action Idea 1

Bike manifestation for climate friendly traffic

Cars belong to largest emitters of greenhouse gases. But nevertheless streets seem to belong to them. With a colorful, loud bike tour you can advocate a better transport policy making clear that in the future the environmental alliance has priority – as there are public transport, pedestrians and cyclists. With a small party at the end you can even catch more attention, get to talk with the people and learn new things.

Action Idea 2

Football game for climate protection

Young people all over the world like football. Why not use this game in order to inform and sensitize youth on questions of climate change and climate protection?

In the municipality of Siantar, Indonesia, for example, four teams with members of youth churches took part in a big football competition for the climate and shared information on issues of climate change along the competition with seminars, posters and banners.

Action Idea 3

Photo gallery on the impacts of climate change

The consequences of climate change are already visible in many regions of the earth: storms have destroyed landscapes, lakes shrunk considerably in size, and water shortages are destroying agriculture plants. At the same time, people can see with their own eyes, how society contributes to climate change for example by destroying forests and building 'dirty' power plants. Why not document these changes through photos and videos?
A youth church in Indonesia did so last year. They recorded threats to nature and uploaded them to the social media on our Climate Action Day.



Preparation Team of the Climate Action Day
Evangelical Church of Westphalia
United Evangelical Mission
One World Network NRW
North German Mission

Please post your ideas, tell about your actions and find sympathizers on

Please ask our preparation team, if you need any help:

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Asia: Homar Distajo,
Africa: David Wafo,

Johanna Schäfer
Institute for Mission, Ecumenism and Global Responsibility
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