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United Action Workshop in Pematangsiantar

The participants in front of the regional office in in Pematangsiantar, Photo: UEM

Participants sharing their ideas in groups, Photo: Terri-Lynn Smith / UEM

"United Action" - under this name fundraising campaigns in Africa and Asia are launched. The donations are used to support projects and programmes in the member churches of the UEM. United Action symbolizes the common aspiration of all UEM members churches in all three regions, Africa, Asia and Germany, to work together to improve people‚Äôs living conditions.

An important contribution to the implementation of United Action is made by the local representatives of the UEM member churches, the United Action Coordinators. By invitation of the United Evangelical Mission (UEM), 15 participants met in April for a first joint workshop at the regional office in Pematangsiantar to get to know the UEM and its tasks and to exchange their experiences on the subject of fundraising.

Terri-Lynn Smith, project and fundraising officer for the Asia region, organized the meeting: "Our common target is to motivate local congregations to launch fundraising campaigns in their churches. Therefore we encourage members to networking and strengthen cooperation. And this is really in line with the spirit of United Action within the UEM communiion."

In the 4-day workshop, the participants developed a fundraising strategy adapted to their needs, which they will present and implement in their churches. Enthused by the workshop's input, they asked the UEM to offer this training on a regular basis to share initial successes and develop further United Action activities.


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