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The UEM logo is a word/picture trademark and an essential component of our visual image as the bearer of our corporate identity. 

With the protection of the logo, the United Evangelical Mission as the trademark owner has the legal possibility to demand against anyone to stop using the logo and to assert further claims against the unauthorized user in case of infringement.

Since the greatest possible dissemination and use of the logo within the UEM community is desired, we release the use of the logo under certain conditions.

We make our logo available in a total of five variants: as a word/picture trademark with and without our half-full and full organisation name in the German and English versions.

The following points must be observed for use of the logo by UEM members or partners:

- The logo may only be used in the specified form. Any changes, for example to the typeface, font or design, are not permitted.

- When placing the logo, for example on a letterhead or a leaflet, the suggestions in the guide should be followed.

- In case of doubt, please contact the UEM press spokesperson, Dr. Martina Pauly, at





Our logos are part of our corporate design. To be downloaded for advertising purposes only:

Logo 1 : German version

Logo 2 : German version & "Vereinte Evangelische Mission"

Logo 3 : as Logo 2 & "Gemeinschaft von Kirchen in drei Kontinenten"

Logo 4 : as Logo 2, English version

Logo 5 : as Logo 3, English version

Logo 6: transparent

All rights UEM.

Corporate Design Manual of UEM


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