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We see us as members of the one body of Christ.

Because of that

  • we support and encourage different forms of partnership relations between our members, based on respect, mutuality and transparency.
  • we enable mutual visits by church employees, voluntary workers and professional coworkers.
  • we build networks of partnerships to facilitate and to strengthen multilateral relations

News from the Partnerships

  • 08.03.2024

    Country-Seminar: Women on the Way in the UEM Communion of Churches

    International Women's Day, March 8


  • 15.11.2023

    Celebrating the Journey together

    Church District at Lahn & Dill and GKPA Church celebrate 40 years of...


  • 28.09.2023

    International Partnership Think Tank

    hosted by the Eastern Coastal Diocese in Tanzania


  • 25.08.2023

    Encouraging through Pantomime

    MIME ART for LIFE e.V.


  • 08.08.2023

    How do we learn together?

    Partnership visit from Rwanda and Germany in Wuppertal


  • 02.06.2023

    "Be the Salt of the Earth and the Light of the World"

    International HKBP Partnership Consultation of UEM


UEM Partnership Award 2022

Within the framework of the UEM General Assembly, the International Partnership Award was officially awarded for the third time after 2016 and 2018 on the evening of 27.09.2022. Partnerships that promote equal exchange among the members of the UEM in a particularly innovative way were eligible to apply for the UEM prize. This time, the partnership projects submitted were under the motto "Joy of Partnership" and, according to the entry criteria, had to involve "all five senses". For more information, please visit the website of our General Assembly.

Partnerships within UEM

In many partnerships – some in existence since the 1970s – close relationships between countries and continents have been built up through mutual support and regular contact and visits. Personal meetings allow people to experience what it means when we speak of the church as a global communion. Partnerships enrich us by providing new perspectives. For us, the people active in our partnerships are an irreplaceable treasure.

  • New forms of partnerships

    The partnership network is also growing through the active search for new forms of partnerships. These do not always have to be between two church districts, but can be thematic in nature and for example have “women” as their theme or be between two institutions such as universities or hospitals. Currently, new "trilateral partnerships" are also being formed among church districts or institutions in three countries.

  • A helpful orientation: partnership guidelines

    Partnerships change over the years, so it helps when there’s a framework to guide people. We have developed such a framework: the Partnership Guidelines. These were not developed on a drawing board, but rather formed out of the diverse experiences of the partnerships themselves. Please find here the guidelines in English, French and Bahasa Indonesia.

  • UEM's partnership network

    In Germany, for example, advising is available through the "round table" for all groups that have a partnership with a church in Africa or Asia. There are also partnership seminars that can be attended by all groups that have a partnership with another country and at which people are able to share their experiences.

    Once a year, we invite all committee chairpersons and multipliers to a Partnership Conference on a particular issue. You can learn more about the 2010 conference here. We also organize consultations in which German partnership groups connected to a particular church meet with partnership representatives from member churches in Africa or Asia.

  • Trainings for those who are active in partnerships

    Our offer includes preparing partnership visits or evaluation of partnerships. Seminars on project management are important for managing or assessing a joint project. Seminars on intercultural communication help prevent misunderstandings and aid in understanding possible conflicts.

    We also offer seminars on special topics for partnership groups, such as fair trade, HIV/AIDS in the partner country, or the situation of women there. Last but not least, language classes in Swahili, Indonesian, Tagalog, English and French help prepare people working within partnerships to communicate even better with their partners in Africa and Asia – all so that our partnerships work even more smoothly.

    More information on trainings are here.

  • Interested in a partnership?

      If you would like to know more about an existing partnership or about how to create a partnership, don’t hesitate to contact us. As a beginning, there are often opportunities to travel to our sisters and brothers in Africa and Asia.


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    Partnership guidelines

    Parapat Statement

    Bad Driburg Agreement 2013


    Partnership and subtle racism

    Open Letter


    (letter and recommendations are also available on the German version of this website)


    UEM Project Manuel - Planning Projects in Partnership


    Statement by the Management Team:

    UEM Partnership Together Companionship


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