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The UEM Partnership Award 2025

About the Award

In 2025, for the 4th time, the United Evangelical Mission (UEM) will award a partnership award for the best partnership projects in Africa, Asia and Germany. Partnerships that jointly take the initiative to counteract climate change shall be awarded a partnership prize. The three best partnership projects on the subject of "climate change" will be presented during the 2025 General Assembly and will be endowed with prize money of 500 to 2,000 Euros.

The Topic

Climate Justice is a global challenge for all of us. As Christians we want to take responsibility together for a world that is just and worth living.

Jury & Criteria

The UEM Partnership Committee decides which projects will receive the Partnership Award based on the following criteria:

  • The project contributes to overcoming "climate change".
  • The project type is an innovative (e.g. trilateral) partnership project.
  • The target group is involved from the start.
  • The project is based on the criteria of the UEM Project Seal.*


Bilateral and trilateral partnership groups within the UEM can jointly apply for the award.

How to apply

Please apply by March 14, 2025 at this email adress: partnerships[at] .

Innovative applications (e.g. videos, interviews, etc.) are given preference when selecting a project.

  • *Criteria of the UEM Project Seal:

    a) Decision of the partners: The partners involved have jointly decided to apply for the VEM partnership award.

    b) Joint planning, monitoring and evaluation: The project is implemented through joint planning, joint monitoring and joint evaluation (PME).

    c) Project planning in several dimensions: When planning the project, at least two of the following five work areas of the UEM are taken into account: Advocacy, Diakonia, Development, Evangelism, Partnership. If possible, the project is planned for all regions involved.

    d) Pedagogical implementation: Local churches, groups and institutions in the participating partner countries support the project by offering seminars, conferences, events and other activities.

    e) Public relations: The local church and/or non-church media report on events, seminars and activities related to the ongoing project.

Please apply by March 14, 2025!


Foto: R. Hedtmann/VEM
Pastor Dr. Ernest William Kadiva
Stellv. Leiter Region Afrika
Luther House, Second floor Sokoine Drive PO Box 75240 Dar es Salaam Tanzania
Foto: G. K. Bejaxhiu/VEM
Rev. Petrus Sugito
Stellv. Abteilungsleiter Asien
Jl. Pdt. J. Wismar Saragih, Bane, Kec. Siantar Utara, Kota Pematangsiantar (101), North Sumatera 21142 INDONESIA
Photo:A. Jäger/UEM
Frauke Bürgers
Officer for Partnerships
Rudolfstr. 137
42285 Wuppertal
Photo: I. Straube/UEM
Kristina Neubauer
Officer for Partnerships
Rudolfstr. 137
42285 Wuppertal
+49 0202 89004-164


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