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  • UEM sisters' community...

    is a community of women who serve in and for the worldwide ecumenical communion.

The Sisters Community is a community of women whose Christian faith has led them to serve in and for the worldwide ecumenical communion – in Europe and abroad.  

We accept one another as sisters because through our baptism we have been taken into the communion of the church of Jesus Christ. We want to be there for one another and for others, to work for the dignity of women in society and to walk together in our quest for a just community of women and men in the church and in society.

We are linked by our daily prayers (we share a common canon of prayer) and by the help we give each other in daily life. We practice spiritual fellowship – each of us individually, in her daily life, and together in regional groups, on Sisters Day, at holiday communities, and at retreats. We have established an order for our fellowship.Some years ago, we opened our community to married women as well.

Sisters Days

Once a year, we come together for a few days at the Hester Needham House in Wuppertal for Sisters Days. We exchange information about our different UEM regions and their work, and we share our experiences with one another. Every four years, we elect our leadership and our sisters council and make fundamental policy decisions.

Community, Reflection and Retreat Days

The Sisters Days are followed by Community Days that offer communal Bible studies, singing, participation in cultural events and much more. Every year the Sisters Community organizes a retreat. We meet at sanctuaries or at cloisters to experience different forms of spiritual life.

Personal relationships

In all regions, across the country and across the globe, we have developed personal relationships that continue to grow. We cultivate these relationships through telephone conversations, letters, visits, mutual support, and prayers for one another.

Holiday communities

We organize holiday communities that are open our Sisters and their male and female friends. We usually stay within Germany, but sometimes also visit other European countries. During our visits we often contact and meet with other communities of Sisters near our holiday destination.


Petra Franken
Assistant Sisterhood
Rudolfstr. 137 D-42285 Wuppertal
+49 (0) 202-89004-312


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