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German Whistleblower Protection Act: Information on the notification procedure

  • What violations can I report?

    Legal violations, i.e., actions that violate a law, can be reported. This refers, for example, to legal violations in the areas of data protection, tax law, health, disregard for regulations on life, limb and health, labor law and other violations that are punishable by law.

    In addition, violations of the Code of Conducts can be reported.

    In principle, only legal violations that relate to the United Evangelical Mission or are in a related professional context can be reported.

    General complaints that do not constitute a legal violation (e.g. dissatisfaction with the services of the UEM ) do not fall within the scope of this reporting system.

  • Who can report a violation?

    This option is primarily aimed at employees; this includes employees in particular.

    In addition, this option applies to reports from persons who are in professional contact with the United Evangelical Mission (e.g. service providers, suppliers or freelancers). Therefore, these persons can also submit reports via this reporting channel.

  • What protection do I have as a whistleblower?

    The law protects the identity of the whistleblower. In addition, the whistleblower is protected from reprisals (e.g. warnings, dismissals).

    The report made with this portal generates an e-mail to the selected ombudsperson of the UEM, to which only the ombudsperson has access. The data is not recorded on the website.

  • Can I submit a report anonymously?

    A report can only be fully effective if the person making the report is known. This is the only way to effectively implement feedback, queries, follow-up measures and protection against reprisals.

    Anonymous reports are processed as far as this is possible without further inquiries and if this does not endanger the priority processing of non-anonymous reports.

  • What is the reporting procedure?

    If you have information about (possible) legal violations, you can report them via this portal. After you have informed yourself about the essential rights and obligations, you can submit your report via the "Make a report" button below.

    Then follow the questionnaire.

    Within a few days, you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt from the ombudsperson contacted, who will examine the facts of the case.

    As a rule, the ombudsperson will contact the UEM General Secretariat or the UEM Council if the facts of the individual case do not prevent this.


    You should receive information from the ombudsperson at the latest at the end of the procedure.

  • When does the law not protect me?

    The identity of the whistleblower is not protected if the whistleblower is grossly negligent in reporting inaccurate information about violations.

    In addition, the information must not have been obtained through a criminal act.

Structure of the report form

The report form is sent to the relevant ombudsperson in the region.

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