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    Specialists and managers volunteer for several months in Africa, Asia or Germany.


    Speculative applications from all departments are welcome!



Members of UEM benefit from the knowledge that people with life and work experience. These can be retired people or people who are looking for a break from their everyday working lives and would like to contribute their knowledge and experience to the members of UEM.

That is why we offer the opportunity to serve our members for a maximum of three months at a time as a senior expert, on a voluntary basis.

For example the theologian Sylvia Bukowski with her husband Peter from Wuppertal. They have been teaching for several years, once a year as Senior Experts for six weeks at theological colleges in Sri Lanka, Rwanda and the Philippines in the subjects of pastoral care and preaching.

The initiative comes from the church

UEM works closely with the respective member church in the country of assignment in the mediation process. The initiative for the deployment of a specialist always comes from the member church in the respective country. The project description of the measure is formulated by the partner or in close cooperation with the partner. Senior Experts are only deployed if the necessary expertise is not available in the partner country. The assignments are a great opportunity to share your own knowledge and experience with people. At the same time, cultural differences call into question some of the things we are used to.

The assignments are always accompanied by at least two days' preparation, in one of our regional offices in Africa, Asia or Germany, depending on the origin. The outreaches are accompanied by the local churches and the respective regional office.

Unsolicited applications are welcome!


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Rev. Dr. Dyah Krismawati
Exec. Secr. Asia Region, board member
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Rev. Dr. John Wesley Kabango
Executive Secretary Africa Region, board member
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+49 202 89004-165
Heike Rees
Specialist for Personnel Matters
Rudolfstr. 137 42285 Wuppertal Germany


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