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United against Covid-19: Basic supply on the Indonesian island Kalimantan

A food parcel costs the equivalent of 15 euros and guarantees the safe supply of food for an entire family for several days. (Photo: GKE)

Many hard-working hands of the Evangelical Church of the Indonesian island of Kalimantan (GKE) packed basic foodstuffs such as rice, oil, eggs, sugar and the like into food packages in mid-May. With this food aid, the church wants to help especially families without a fixed income and people who have become unemployed due to the protection measures, such as day labourers, motorbike and taxi drivers, market vendors, harbour and construction workers, fishermen and farmers. They are all dependent on basic provision. Some 8,000 mouth and nose protection masks were also placed in the packages. Pastors, vicars, deacons, presbyters and youth of the GKE church distributed the food parcels to about 400 needy families in 14 of the 100 parishes of the Evangelical Church in Kalimantan. One package has a value of the equivalent of 15 Euros.

This joint project of the GKE church and UEM marks a first successful milestone in the cooperation with an Indonesian member church, which has only belonged to the UEM community since 2018. "All persons involved in GKE have contributed to the success of this project. They are very proud and happy that as God's instrument they could help other people in need. Regardless of our own problems and difficulties, we feel great joy when we see that there are others who need our help more," says Pastor Ayang Setiawan of GKE. "We were thrilled to see with how much passion and joy we have carried out this project together, despite all the time and effort," Setiawan continues. For example, due to the difficult road conditions, some of the young pastors on motorcycles needed two hours for about twelve kilometres to hand over a package of basic food to a family. The young theologians are very proud to participate in the cooperation between UEM and GKE. "It is a joy to see how these young helpers now go through life smiling and motivated," says Ayang Setiawan.

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