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HKBP Pastor used Sign Language in Marriage Blessing Ceremony

Rev. Saut Horas Nababan blesses the bride and groom Piter Agus Pasaribu and Juan Dina Olivia. © Photo: Tri Markus Simamora/UEM

HKBP livestreamed through Radio Facebook of Diaconia HKBP an event from Martoba HKBP Church about a holy marriage blessing ceremony. There were many people appreciating this event because for many people it was a special moment. Rev. Saut Horas Nababan from Diaconia Department of HKBP led the worship and used the sign language during the worship. It was a holy marriage blessing worship for Piter Agus Pasaribu and Juan Dina Olivia. Both of them are deaf and cannot understand oral language. Rev. Saut Horas Nababan has sign language skill which helped him to do pastoral counselling in pre marriage and worship.
Based on information from Rev. Saut Horas Nababan that these couple have been dating for 2 years and they decided become wife and husband. However, it is not an easy thing because their family worried about their children’s decision. Based on their observation, people with disability, especially deaf have communication limitations and some of them divorced. At least, it is one of reasons why they worry of their children’s decision. Their parents told about their worries to the church and church finally provided a pastor who understand the sign language.
Rev. Saut Horas Nababan prepared their marriage by starting with pastoral counselling for the couple and their family. From several pastoral counselling, their family feels confident to accept their planning and finally they decided to conduct the wedding ceremony on September 17, 2021 in HKBP Martoba Pematang Siantar. Rev. Saut Horas Nababan in his sermon asked the couple to use love of God in their whole life (Colossians 3, 14) and also asked the family, member of congregation and church workers to support them in prayer and do not discriminate them in the church.
Rev. Saut Horas Nababan said, church should be friendly for all people such as disability, elderly and support each other with whole heart to strengthen and serve them in every different situation. Regarding to human right campaign, it is also a kind of how the church against discrimination and exclusion especially for people with disability. The head of HKBP Diaconia Department, Rev. Debora Sinaga, also cares and supports this kind of service. She hopes that if there are people who need this kind of service, please do not hesitate to get contact with HKBP Diaconia Department.

Irma Riana Simanjuntak, Officer for the Advocacy Programme at the UEM-Regional Office Asia in Pematang Siantar, Indonesia


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