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Diversely Connected

Yoram Karusya says, diversity starts in Children's books already. Photo by: Johannes Schermuly, UEM

The Regional Service of the United Evangelical Mission turns one year old!

To celebrate the occasion, the Regional Service team met in Wuppertal, where two pastors from the team led the devotion in the Mission House with the staff: Helmut Müller and Yoram Karusya brought diversity and joy into the UEM chapel in Wuppertal.

The Regional Service of the UEM supports the work in church district partnerships, ecumenical services, international educational programmes and public campaigns in the area of German member church EKiR*. It organises projects with confirmands, in schools or church groups and works in the international networks of the UEM. It helps congregations, church districts and groups to make international solidarity a concrete reality on the ground.

Team leader Angelika Veddeler says about the first year of the Regional Service: "We are happy to try out new ways of ecumenism with the many committed people from the six regions inside EKiR church. An internationally open and locally diverse Evangelical Church in the Rhineland, that is the common goal. Several new projects have already been launched. For example, the thematic focus on international diakonia with the event #ausLiebe: Wie geht eigentlich Barmherzigkeit? (English: #fromlove: how does mercy work, actually?) on June 13 in Bonn. Existing work will continue to be accompanied and promoted, for example through exchange and cooperation between all partnerships that exist in church districts and regions."

The programme offer of the Regional Service will be published in a few weeks.


*EKiR = Evangelische Kirche im Rheinland (Evangelical Church in the Rhineland)


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