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An impressing donation result

Walking for "United Action" in Sumatra; © Photos: UEM Region Asia

from left: Rev. Dr Viktor Tinambunan, General Secretary of the HKBP; Rev. Dr Deonal Sinaga, Head of the Koinonia of the HKBP; Rev. Dr Dyah Ayu Krismawati, Head of the Asia Department of the UEM; Rev. Volker Martin Dally, General Secretary of the UEM; Sri Srimiarty Rayani Simatupang, wife of Rev. Dr Robinson Butarbutar, Ephorus of the HKBP; Rev. Daniel Taruliasi Harahap, Head of the Marturia Department of the HKBP; Rev. Debora Sinaga, Head of the Diaconia Department of the HKBP

The participants in the "Walk a Mile" fundraising run raised a total of 652,513,715 Indonesian rupiah. That is the equivalent of more than 41,000 euros. Last April, hundreds of committed people in the north of Sumatra set out to draw attention to the violation of children's rights in the region. The campaign was organised by nine UEM member churches, including the Protestant Toba Batak Church in Indonesia.

The money will go to the United Evangelical Mission's fundraising campaign "United Action" in Africa and Asia and support projects and programmes on the ground, this year in favour of families in need and their children.

"United Action underlines the solidarity within the UEM communion. The fundraising activities in the African and Asian member churches make a valuable contribution to our communion. This was also shown by the great willingness to help and donate from Africa and Asia on the occasion of the floods in the Ahr valley last year," said UEM General Secretary Volker Martin Dally, who had participated in the action in Indonesia. "A big thank you goes to all the donors who made this result possible and of course to all those involved in this great event!



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