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Guests in Douala

Cedric Atangana at the EEC conference. Photo by: EEC

To create awareness about young entrepreneurship, EEC* invited 105 students from the CAFRAD Douala vocational school to a conference in early February. The conference is part of EEC's Impact Talks Program initiative. CAFRAD is a vocational school that encourages young people through outreach and advocates for sustainable development.

Successful entrepreneur Cedric Atangana gave the keynote speech. The co-founder of the startup Infinity Space is chairman of WeCashUp, the largest pan-African payment platform. The 31-year-old Cameroonian has won numerous awards in the field of technological innovation for his achievements, including the Google I/O Startup Pitch Night in Silicon Valley in the US.

He shared his knowledge with the attendees and talked about his experiences, as well as obstacles he faced along the way and how he was able to overcome them. Afterwards, Atangana invited the young people, who will soon be entering the workforce, to engage in conversation, ask questions and discuss.

At the end of February, Elie Leuwe, the EEC project officer, invited those involved in the projects supported by the UEM to Douala. The meeting took place in the premises of CAFRAD. The participants exchanged information and details about the planned projects and discussed current changes.

*EEC = ÉgliseÉvangéliques de Cameroun (Evangelical Church of Cameroon)



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