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National Council of Churches of Sri Lanka issues statement in light of political escalation in the country

In Sri Lanka, thousands are currently protesting against the political leadership in the country; © Photo: UEM

Eleven church leaders of the National Council of Churches of Sri Lanka warn of a "grave political disaster" in view of the ongoing protests in the country. In their statement of 14 July, the leading theologians call on those in power to respond appropriately to the current situation in order to avert a failure of the state. One of the theologians is Church President W. P. Ebenezer Joseph of the Methodist Church in Sri Lanka, a member church of the UEM.

In their statement, the National Council of Churches of Sri Lanka asks especially the youth to abide by the existing laws in their protests and not to destroy any public or private property. Furthermore, the members of the Council of Churches call on
Sri Lankan political leaders not to further inflame the difficult situation in order to increase their own power. The church leaders propose to form a government composed of all parties to unite forces to bring the country out of national bankruptcy.

Following the resignation and flight of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to Singapore, a curfew was imposed in the capital and a state of emergency was declared in the country. Meanwhile, protests against the government continue in the country. The Sri Lankan churches offer their solidarity, support and cooperation to solve the current problems together.

The National Council of Churches of Sri Lanka includes the Methodist Church in Sri Lanka, Anglican, Uniate, Reformed and Baptist churches.



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