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New Chances for Communication

Christine Musongya, Programm Officer Africa Region, Foto: UEM

The participants of the workshop, Foto: UEM

Leah Ennock, Administrative Assistent Regional Office, Foto: UEM

The advent of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has revolutionized various aspects of society, offering new opportunities for communication, collaboration, and efficiency. In considering the opportunities and challenges aligned with ICT, Dar es Salaam Tumaini University (DarTU) in collaboration with the United Evangelical Mission (UEM) has established a course called “Certified Church Information Systems Manager (CCISM)”

The main objective of this course was to build a capacity for churches so that they can design their own ICT (Information and communication Technology) systems, use ICT Securely and use it for monetization. It will improve efficiency in Church Administration by implements ICT Solutions which streamline administrative tasks, manage church resources, and enhance overall operational efficiency. The program comprised a total number of 30 participants from Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania Eastern and Coastal Diocese, North Eastern Diocese, North Western Diocese and Karagwe Diocese who are UEM member churches in Tanzania.

Official opening was done by Prof. Andrew Mollel who is the vice Principal of the Dar es Salaam Tumaini University.  welcomed all participants and appreciated UEM for their support to ensure this program is implemented. This program has supported the University to fulfil their social responsibility / Community services which any University has to do. He insisted to all participants that, this course is very important and it came at the right time as we are passing through a rapidly changing World in technology. For now the church has no way to continue resisting to open up and see opportunities on technology to enhance Ministry Outreach. He quoted the bible reading from Hosea 4:6 to emphasize the need of learning all the time.

Christine Musongya the Program officer of UEM Africa introduced UEM to the participants on behalf of the Head of Africa Regional office Rev. Dr. Ernest William Kadiva.

Participants appreciated the opportunity of being party of this program and they are ready to learn and share their experience for better use of technology.


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