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New Pastor joins the UEM Regional Service

Serving the ecumenical movement: Dr. Elizabeth Silayo. Foto: Johannes Schermuly, UEM

Dr. Elizabeth Silayo is a Pastor of the ELCT*. She sees her ministry in the Regional Service of the UEM as a realization of UEMs mission to become a worldwide communion: This includes for example to invite professionals from Tanzania to Germany as vice versa.

After several years as a pastor of the ELCT and her dissertation in Erlangen, for which she lived some years in Neuendettelsau (Germany), she knows Tanzania as well as Germany. This means she is well prepared both theologically and culturally for her ministry in the EKiR* area. She wrote her dissertation about theology in the context of people living with disabilities, where there is a lot to do: The church does say that every human is created in the image of God, but a God living with disabilities is still an unusual idea for many.

In the Regional Service of the UEM, Dr. Silayo will coordinate the ecumenical relationships and activities of all EKiR congregations in the area of the rivers Rhine and Lahn.

*ELCT = Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania

*EKiR = Evangelische Kirche im Rheinland (Protestant Church in the Rhine Area, Germany)


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