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Intercultural Church Congregation is looking for a new Pastor

In the Church District An Nahe und Glan, an intercultural church congregation has been founded since April 2021 as part of a pilot project of the EkiR*, a member church of the UEM. In particular, it is testing forms of intercultural spirituality and regards itself in its basic structure as both a host and a home for people from all cultural backgrounds. It is therefore especially committed to people with a migration background, but also to those who are involved in the work with migrants.

The position of "Pastor, as leader of the Intercultural Church Congregation in the An Nahe and Glan Church District (m/f/x)" is being advertised for the next possible date.

Applications should be sent to the Superintendent's Office of the Church District An Nahe und Glan, Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Haus, Kurhausstra├če 6, 55543 Bad Kreuznach,, by 13 October 2023. Further information can be provided by the Superintendent of the church district, Pastor Astrid Peekhaus, Tel. 0671 251 128.

More information about the tasks and responsibilities of the position, as well as about the Church District An Nahe und Glan, can be found here. 

*EkiR = Evangelical Church in the Rhineland


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