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Your Signature counts: Promote voluntary services!

During Volunteering programmes, the seminars often lay the foundation for later engagement in society. Now they are at stake due to financial cuts. What does that mean for society? Photo by: Eliza Mellyani Fortuna

Good news: The petition has been successful with by July 21, 2023 more than 100,000 subscriptions! Thank you to all supporters. We are so happy to see this petition a success, to strengthen Volunteer Services. It still makes sense to subscribe, because it shows the German government they need to act. Now, with these good news in mind, please continue to read:


"Our voluntary services strengthen civil society and start an interest in lifelong commitment" this is how the initiators of the petition describe the reason for collecting signatures. They have started a petition with the German Parliament. Because, the initiators continue: "This potential is used far too little. Not all people have the opportunity to do voluntary service. At the same time, there is a lack of social recognition and appreciation for volunteers.

Currently, the costs are rising for voluntary services funded by the German government (BMZ*). At the same time, funding is being cut. Because of this, the "Strengthen Volunteer Service" campaign, together with volunteers, is calling for, among other things, a tripling of funding by the German government. The pocket money had to be aligned with the maximum rate given to students. Furthermore, it was necessary to enable volunteers to use local and long-distance transport free of charge.

A total of 50,000 signatures are needed by 6 July so that the petition committee of the German Bundestag has to discuss the matter. So far 43,600 signatures have been collected, so 6,400 signatures are still needed.

Regardless of your nationality and place of living, you can sign the petition here. And here you can get more information about the campaign "Strengthen voluntary service" in German language. It is supported by volunteers from various organisations, including the VEM with its volunteer programmes between Asia, Africa and Europe.


*BMZ = Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Germany


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