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The Church in the fight against Covid-19 in Western Congo

"On air!" On the radio, the gospel and instructions for protection against Corona.

Hygiene kits and medicines are distributed in the health station of Kalamba.

Sewing of face masks in Bolenge.

The new metal roof of the secondary school of Ilangila in Mbandaka2/Nouvelle Cité shines in the hot midday sun. (Photos: Safari Kanyena/UEM)

The Community of Disciples of Christ in Congo (CDCC) reports that with the support of UEM, the church departments were encouraged to continue their struggle against Covid-19 despite the many challenges. The general lockdown in the country makes the work of the CDCC church more difficult in many ways, for example by postponing all activities such as workshops and training, but also by suspending all direct contacts between pastor and church member.

The work of the CDCC church, with the support of UEM and church districts, therefore concentrated on the pandemic caused by Covid-19 in the period from 10 April to 10 May. The concerted actions included preventive measures to contain Corona and the establishment of a church radio station to spread the gospel and instructions for protection against Corona. Since March 2020, the CDCC has been using the airtime from 6 to 7 a.m. for its radio sermons.

In addition, the ambulance boat made two trips financed by the church district of Dortmund to inform people living along the Congo river about the distribution routes of Covid-19. The CDCC ambulance team also went to the areas of Lobengo and Kalamba to supply the five health stations there with materials and medicine. The church is also involved in the production of face masks at the two vocational training centres Mama Sandra Gourdet in Bolenge and the youth centre in Mbandaka. The income-generating project will be used to mobilise additional resources. Last but not least, the lockdown also provides scope for necessary construction and renovation work. Some schools took the opportunity to build new classrooms or to replace thatched roofs with corrugated iron roofs.

Safari Kanyena (South-South employee of UEM)


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