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Time for Encounters

Sarah Vecera at the "Red Sofa", the main Interview stage of the Church Day. All Photos: Susanne Seiler, UEM

Members of the Young Adults Network and South-North Volunteers at the Nuremberg Trade Fair area, where much of the Church Day happened.

At the Workshop „Lost in Translation. (How) do our images work?“. In the front, from left to right: Christina Biere, Eske Wollrad, Sarah Vecera.

"I wish for a place where we see it as an opportunity to get to know the perspectives of others. I wish for spaces where we are happy about the perspectives of others and see them as enrichment."

This is the conclusion of Sarah Vecera, Senior Education Coordinator Global Learning at UEM, in her workshop "Lost in Translation. (How) do our images work?" at the German Protestant Church Day in Nuremberg.

In numerous events, Vecera drew attention to the importance of anti-racism work in church and society. In a live podcast "Sting & Heart" of the UEM, together with Thea Hummel and Julian Elf (both UEM) or in the fully booked main panel on racism and postcolonial heritage in the church. The General Secretary of the All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC) and former General Secretary of the UEM, Dr Fidon Mwombeki, from Tanzania, discussed with her.

The UEM's South-North Volunteer Programme presented its work at workshops in Nuremberg, as did the Young Adult Network. The UEM's offerings included an international gospel workshop with church music lecturer Gerald Ssebudde. He says about his workshop: "I wanted to give people a space to experiment with their voices, without any prerequisites. And a lot developed: We ended up singing a four-part choral writing!". Participant Pascal Barus adds: "Maybe I'll offer something like this at home sometime. I think modern church music is great! We have something like that far too little." In total, about 150 people took part in the workshop.

In the Market of Opportunities, UEM presented itself as a participant at the cooperation stand of the Protestant mission organisations under the heading "Looking beyond the horizon".

Many thanks to all participants and see you at the next German Church Day 2025 in Hanover!


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