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Twelve Missionaries from Asia to Africa

The twelve young Missionaries with Ephorus Dr Robinson Butarbutar (back, 5th from left) and Rev Dr John Wesley Kabango (back, centre), UEM Executive Secretary for Africa and Germany. Photo by: HKBP

Next July, a group of twelve young theologians from Indonesian UEM member church HKBP* will start their journey to several African countries.

Here, they will be welcomed by seven African UEM member churches: ELCB* in Botswana, EPR* and EAR* in Rwanda, as well as ELCT-ECD*, -NED*, -NWD* and -KAD* in Tanzania. For some years, an idea of a south-south missionary project with UEM African members has been on the agenda of intensive sharing and discussions of the HKBP Board Council. After 125 years of the Missionary work by the German-Rhenish Mission Society that later became UEM, as UEM member, the HKBP sisters and brothers feel indebted to UEM members in Africa to offer a support by sending 12 Missionaries, 6 female and 6 male. They are currently training for their tasks, including sharing of the gospel, making disciples, participating to diaconal, medical & healthcare services, humanitarian aid, promoting justice, advocacy, education and training.

UEM Moderator Bishop Dr Abednego Keshomshahara of ELCT-NWD says: “Since many years, UEM members are very grateful for the support they receive from sisters and brothers from Germany to support the holistic work. Asian and African members would like to keep the Missionary projects, foster sharing and learning together between UEM sisters and brothers”. Keshomshahara is part of preparation team of the project, together with the leaders of the churches involved. The project is to be launched on June 30, 2024, at the 125th anniversary of mission work. The next day, July 1, 2024, the twelve missionaries will depart on their journeys.

As a message to the people in HKBP and all UEM member churches in the three regions, UEM vice Moderator and HKBP Ephorus, Rev Dr Robinson Butarbutar closes with the following: “All UEM members are invited to keep remembering the great achievements resulting from UEM members’ donations, continue to cooperatively work with one another, promoting and sustaining the heritage of mission which came from Jesus and was brought to Asia & Africa by Missionaries”.


*HKBP = Huria Kristen Batak Protestan (Christian-Protestant Church of the Batak)

*ELCB = Evangelical Lutheran Church in Botswana

*EPR = Eglise Presbyterienne au Rwanda (Presbyterian Church of Rwanda)

*EAR = Eglise Anglicane au Rwanda (Anglican Church of Rwanda)

*ELCT/ECD = Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania, Eastern and Coastal Diocese

*ELCT/NED = Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania, North Eastern Diocese

*ELCT/NWD = Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania, North Western Diocese

*ELCT/KAD = Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania, Karagwe Diocese


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