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United Action in Asia

First row, 2nd from left: GKPI General Secretary Rev. Humala Lumbantobing; 3rd from left: GKPI Ephorus Rev. Abdul Hutauruk; 4th from left: Simangulan Regent St. Radiapoh Hasihilan Sinaga; 5th from left: UEM General Secretary Rev. Volker Martin Dally. Photo by: GKPI

More than 800 people joined the event, raising funds for United Action. Photo by: GKPI

Starting from GKPI Bukit Sion Congregation in Martoba, more than 800 people flooded the streets, wearing blue T-Shirts to walk a mile to support the work of UEM. Arriving at the final destination about 1 hour later, walkers were met with celebratory music. The celebrations kick started with an opening prayer and a donation from the Simangulan Regent, St. Radiapoh Hasihilan Sinaga. UEM General Secretary Volker Dally extended his hearfelt thanks to the leadership of GKPI* and their organizing committee for hosting the Walk a Mile (WaM).

This April, the Asian UEM member churches gathered in Pematangsiantar for the annual WaM. They celebrated Easter, raised awareness about UEM and collected donations for the fundraising campaign United Action in the Asia Region. United Action symbolizes the common aspiration of all UEM members churches in all three regions, Africa, Asia and Germany, to work together to improve people’s living conditions.

The different UEM members churches brought their donations to the front. They did so through carrying plates of rice as a symbol for their donation. UEM Project and Fundraising Officer Terri-Lynn Smith describes the situation: “The singing and dancing had everyone on their feet, cheering along as GKPI women brought numerous plates of rice. This was one of those ‘you had to be there’ moments to truly understand how happy the Asian members were to donate to the work of UEM.”

In total, together the Asian member churches raised an amount of 107 837 500.00 IDR** for Walk a Mile 2023.


*GKPI = Gereja Kristen Protestan Indonesia (Christian-Protestant Church in Indonesia)

**This equals about 6.500 Euros, making between four and five annual salaries of a teacher.


IBAN: DE45 3506 0190 0009 0909 08