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United against Covid-19: How the Christian Church in East Java helps

Due to distance rules, much of the agricultural production, including bananas and vegetables, can no longer be sold within the cities. Many markets in urban areas are closed or subject to restrictions on the amount of goods sold. As a result, much of the agricultural production can no longer be sold. This situation triggered the initiative among GKJW members in rural areas to sell their agricultural products to hospitals in GKJW sponsorship. The farmers even paid the transport costs to bring the agricultural products to the city.

Distribution of bananas in a GKJW hospital.

Church program to provide and distribute personal protective equipment against coronavirus to six hospitals in GKJW sponsorship.

A form of Christian witness and ministry that is consistent with government health regulations to prevent the spread of the malignant virus.

In addition, rice was distributed to 1000 families in the GKJW communities.

It is also a pragmatic and charitable service that invites all those involved, including other members of the community, to take greater care of those who are economically affected by this pandemic. (Photos: GKJW)

In recent months, many countries, including Indonesia, have suffered from the spread of the Covid-19 Pandemic. The spread of Corona Virus in Indonesia is increasing day by day. East Java Province itself, where Greja Kristen Jawi Wetan (GKJW) is located, ranks first among all provinces that have experienced the spread of this Corona Virus. Until the beginning of July 2020, there were more than 13,500 corona virus sufferers in East Java Province. This is not a figure that can be underestimated, because it was noted that in the last few months, on average in East Java Province there were more than 2000 people infected with this virus per month.

Considering this, it would be appropriate for the Church not to remain silent. This sad reality must always be a concern for the Church. Various things, especially assistance to Church members regarding healthy behavior and supporting health protocols from the government, should always be the main program of all commissions in the Church synergistically. More than that, the strengthening and empowerment of Church members in the midst of a severe economic crisis due to this pandemic also deserves serious attention.

The action of GKJW witness and ministry in the midst of Pandemic Covid-19 was realized in the Program of providing and distributing Personal Protection Equipment for Corona Virus Disease to six hospitals belonging to GKJW and all GKJW parishes.

Because of the social and physical distancing period, a lot of agricultural production, including bananas and vegetables, cannot be sold to cities. Many markets in urban areas are closed or subject to restrictions on the amount of goods sold. This resulted in the majority of agricultural production not being sold. This has triggered the emergence of the initiative of GKJW members in rural areas to distribute their agricultural produce to hospitals owned by GKJW. The farmers even paid for their own transportation costs to bring the agricultural produce to the city.

"This is a very good theological implementation, that it is precisely when all people are increasingly squeezed into a severe economic crisis, but this does not discourage the members of GKJW to continue being able to share love with others. This is very in line with the theme of the work of GKJW for 18 years (2016-2034): Striving for Perfect Maturity and Sharing the Blessing," says Rev. Cahyono.

Rev. Dr. Budi Cahyono , General Secretary of GKJW


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