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UEM volunteer service again awarded seal of quality

They are pleased about the renewed award of the QuiFd seal in recognition of their joint work: David Kobernick, Officer for North-South Volunteer Programme, Lisa Bergmann, Officer for the South-North Volunteer Programme, and Dr Andar Parlindungan, Head of the Department Training and Empowerment Department of the UEM (from left); © Photo: Thea Hummel/UEM

"The United Evangelical Mission receives the QuiFd quality seal for sponsoring organizations of international volunteer services due to the proven quality in the organization and design of volunteer services (sending and hosting)." With this, the QuiFd agency (Quality in Volunteer Services) once again acknowledges that the UEM conducts its volunteer service at the highest level. At the end of February, the agency awarded the QuiFd quality seal after an extensive certification process, confirming the high quality of the program. VEM received a grade of 2.93 out of 3. "Our highest grade," emphasizes Dr Andar Parlindungan, UEM's head of training and empowerment. The UEM has consistently received the QuiFd quality seal since 2015, which is valid until 14 September 2024.

The UEM is pleased to receive the seal again as recognition of joint efforts in Wuppertal as well as on site, i.e. at its 39 members and their social institutions, where the volunteers and all involved have been learning with and from each other for over 30 years.

QuiFd - the Agency for Quality in Volunteer Services - has developed quality standards for volunteer services that help sending organizations evaluate and continuously improve their performance. In recognition of compliance with these standards, QuiFd awards a quality seal. "The quality seal provides guidance to potential volunteers, the public and politicians, funders*, donors* and partner organizations," according to QuiFd's website.

For more info, visit the UEM website (South-North) or email freiwillig[at]

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