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Guests at the Mission House:

Bishop Sageus /Keib holds the devotion in the UEM Mission House in Wuppertal; Photo: Johannes Schermuly / VEM

The Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia (ELCRN), Bishop Sageus /Keib and Finance Director Ferdinand Gertze held talks today (Thursday, June 2) with representatives of the UEM Board. The ELCRN originated in 1842 from the work of the Rhenish Mission and is a member church of the UEM. Within the framework of the UEM there are 14 partnerships between church districts and congregations in German member churches and church districts and institutions in the Namibian member church ELCRN.

During the visit to Wuppertal, the two churchmen also learned about the work of the United Evangelical Mission and participated in the joint prayer service with the UEM staff. Bishop /Keib reported on the changes in his church in Namibia in recent years. Covid-19 has cost many lives. The pandemic has challenged the churches in particular to rethink their tasks. First and foremost, the diaconia. During this time, a completely new understanding of community, faith and togetherness has developed. The church must see this as an opportunity. And all those who have survived this difficult time should take this opportunity to thank God.


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