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10 Years International Master in Diaconic Management

Dr. Al Fuertes, Dozent des IMADM, hier im Studienblock 2017 in Kibuye (Ruanda). Foto: Matthias Börner/VEM.

  • Celebrating 10 Years of Studying Globally, Managing Contextually, Acting Responsibly!

  • Celebrating 10 Years of imparting leadership and management competences for diaconia and church!

  • It’s been 10 Years of Academic Caravan! It’s been 10 Years of Diversity!


Ten years of the International Master of Diaconic Management 2011 - 2021

The study cours International Master of Arts Diaconic Management (IMADM) was initiated by the United Evangelical Mission (UEM) following many calls from its member churches - especially in the global South - to strengthen the competencies and leadership skills of their staff in the administration and management of diaconic institutions and churches.

The UEM then sought an academic partner to help realize this vision. This led to the establishment of a cooperation between the Institute for Diaconal Science and Diaconal Management (IDM) Wuppertal/Bethel and UEM in its current form. The first cohort of the new program included twelve students who were admitted in 2011 and successfully graduated with a Master's degree in 2013. In September 2020 already, the fourth cohort graduated, with the final exams, due to the Covid 19 pandemic, being conducted digitally for the first time. The IMADM degree program boasts a total of 52 top leaders for churches, theological institutions, universities, diaconal institutions, and doctoral students over the past decade. In 2015, alumni founded the International Community Diaconic Management (ICDM) as an association with regional offices in Africa, Asia and Germany. Ten students were admitted for the fifth cohort, which is expected to start its program in September 2021, and the admission process was also digital for the first time due to the Corona pandemic.

As we look back on ten years of the International Master of Arts Diaconic Management, the conclusion can only be: Ten years of transformative diakonia centered in the churches of the global South. Ten years of building and strengthening competencies, skills and know-how. The official celebration of the 10th anniversary is planned for November 2021 in Cameroon during the ICDM 2021 meeting.

Rev. Godwin Ampony (UEM Coordinator for International Diaconia)

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