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  • Human Rights Campaign 2021

    Who are you to jugdge your neigbour?

  • Menschenrechtsaktion 2021

    Gegen Diskriminierung und Ausgrenzung.

Who are you to judge your neighbour?

This question from the Bible (James 4:12) is directed equally to ourselves and to others. Where do we exclude other people? Where do we contribute to discrimination in our churches, in our private environment, in our society? Where do laws and governmental bodies discriminate against people because of their appearance?

Young people in Africa, Asia and Germany have asked themselves this question and call on all of us - wherever we live - to take action against discrimination and exclusion within the framework of the UEM Human Rights Action 2021.

With the action poster and the material sent to us, we would like to invite churches and communities to participate in this action. We also invite you to follow the kick-off event with young adults from three continents on December 10, 2020, the International Human Rights Day, on our YouTube channel.

We also ask you to support youth and young adult projects against discrimination and exclusion.

If you are interested in further posters, postcards or brochures in which we inform about human rights and different forms of discrimination and provide worship and educational material, you can download them in the right column or order a printed copy from us.


Join our social media campaign under #againstdiscrimination. Follow us on Instagram at @unitedinmission and post our stories, videos and timeline articles. Repost for example our banana GIF "4 human rights". Post your thoughts and experiences about discrimination in your environment under the hashtag so we can link them. Network with others, exchange ideas and get to know new like-minded users*. Think of your own action against discrimination, which we can post on our channels. The more users see our posts, the bigger is our worldwide impact against discrimination. Current stories and information from our community can also be found on Facebook (@VEMission), Twitter (@VEMission) and YouTube (United Evangelical Mission).

Former Human Rights Campaigns

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"Because they are cutting down his forest, which is immeasurable" - the livelihoods of all people on this planet are endangered by the progressive destruction of the rainforest. The main victims are indigenous peoples who are being displaced and structurally destroyed.

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2019 - What will we dress in?

This question stood over the human rights campaign of UEM in 2019. Not the worry of having anything to wear at all, but the agony of choice is a challenge for many people in Germany in view of the morning view into an overflowing wardrobe.

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2018 - "Don't make me" - outlaw violence against women

The theme of the Human Rights Day action on 10 December 2018 was women's rights. Women from all UEM regions regularly discuss women-specific issues.

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Wer aber bist du, dass du deine Nächsten verurteilst?

Diese Frage aus der Bibel (Jakobus 4,12) richtet sich gleichermaßen an uns selbst wie auch an andere. Wo grenzen wir andere Menschen aus? Wo tragen wir bei zu Diskriminierung in unseren Kirchen, in unserem privaten Umfeld, in unserer Gesellschaft? Wo werden durch Gesetze und staatliche Organe Menschen aufgrund ihres Aussehens diskriminiert?

Junge Menschen in Afrika, Asien und Deutschland haben sich diese Frage gestellt und rufen uns alle - wo immer wir leben - dazu auf, im Rahmen der VEM-Menschenrechtsaktion 2021 gegen Diskriminierung und Ausgrenzung einzutreten.

Mit dem Aktionsposter und dem zugesandten Material möchten wir Kirchen und Gemeinden dazu einladen, sich an dieser Aktion zu beteiligen. Auch laden wir Sie dazu ein, die Auftaktveranstaltung mit jungen Erwachsenen aus drei Erdteilen am 10. Dezember 2020, dem internationalen Tag der Menschenrechte, auf unserem YouTube-Kanal zu verfolgen.

Wir bitten Sie darüber hinaus um Unterstützung von Projekten von Jugendlichen und jungen Erwachsenen gegen Diskriminierung und Ausgrenzung. Hier können Sie online spenden.

Wenn Sie Interesse an weiteren Postern, Postkarten oder Broschüren haben, in denen wir über Menschenrechte und verschiedene Formen von Diskriminierung informieren und Gottesdienst- sowie Bildungsmaterial zur Verfügung stellen, können Sie diese in der rechten Spalte herunterladen oder als Druckexemplar bei uns bestellen.


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