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Dealing respectfully with each other

As a missionary organization, naturally we tell people of God’s passion and spread His message. Nevertheless, treating other religions with respect is an integral part of our work.

UEM's work in interreligious dialogue and activity

Living together in peace is not always easy. In Indonesia, for example, there is religious freedom but there are still attacks on churches and Christians time and again. In predominantly Buddhist Sri Lanka, our member church – the Methodist Church – does not have it easy. But confrontation is of as little use there as it is in Germany. Around the globe, we are committed to speaking with our neighbours of other faiths. In a variety of community projects we have already been able to demonstrate that peaceful cooperation is possible. On the island of Java, for example, where our member churches are in a minority position, Christians and Muslims live and work together in church organised projects and institutions peacefully and cooperative.

Christian mission, Muslim da‘wa and interfaith dialogue are not mutually exclusive. Christians and Muslims from different parts of the world drew up a document in 2017 to show how this can go together. The document ‘Declaration on Mission and Da’wa’ can be downloaded here.


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