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The fighting escalated again in the Democratic Republic of Congo at the end of January. According to the United Nations, 6.5 million people are now displaced within their own country - more than in any other African country. Our member church, the Baptist Church in Central Africa (CBCA), reports many traumatised children, hundreds of injured people and exhausted families. 

The supply conditions are dramatic. Large areas of the infrastructure have been destroyed, and this now also affects the inhabitants of Goma, a city with over a million inhabitants. Fields have been devastated. Several schools and the airport have been bombed in recent days. The CBCA has organised additional camps for refugees in the area around Goma to protect and care for the people.

"We as a church provide first aid, because people need drinking water and something to eat - today."

Safari Kanyena, CBCA Humanitarian Coordinator, reports: "The most important things now are clean drinking water and sanitation facilities, otherwise diseases will unavoidably occur. People also need food, shelter and household appliances as well as basic medical care. International aid organisations are doing a good job, but it is taking too long for this aid to arrive.

In the morning, the children wait for the beginning of the school set up by the CBCA. Learning and playing together helps the children to overcome their escape and everyday life in the camp.

The President of the CBCA, Dr Jonathan Kavusa Kivatsi, asked local church members to show solidarity in a donation campaign. Volunteers are collecting food, clothing and hygiene materials for the people affected. Many families have taken in relatives and friends from the war zones. In an urgent appeal for emergency aid, the CBCA also appeals to the UEM communion: "We are here for the people, and that is the most important thing. But we need your support!"

Your donation will help to improve the situation of refugees!


Photo: J. Schermuly/VEM
Terri-Lynn Smith
Project Officer and Fundraising Officer
Jl. Pdt. J. Wismar Saragih, Bane, Kec. Siantar Utara, Kota Pematangsiantar, 21142 North Sumatra, Indonesia

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