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  • Being a child

    The UEM churches care for children

In many parts of the world, people are fleeing violence and natural disasters, including many children. Especially in difficult living conditions and emergency situations, they need an environment in which they can grow up carefree.

The churches of the UEM fellowship are committed to helping children, for example in the Kanyaruchinya refugee camp in the Democratic Republic of Congo:

More than 356,000 people in eastern Congo have fled from violence to the Kanyaruchinya refugee camp near Goma, including around 60,000 children, many of whom are traumatized. In emergency situations, they need safety and stability above all else. The Baptist Church in Central Africa (CBCA) is committed to helping the children in the Kanyaruchinya refugee camp. It is also an important point of contact for international organizations.

Eastern Congo: Help for body and soul

Vincent has recently started living in the Kanyaruchinya refugee camp. Because there had been shooting near his village for weeks, the children no longer went to school and the parents no longer dared to go to their fields. The family is now safe, but life in a confined space with lots of people is not easy. Vincent is happy that he starts school tomorrow and that his sister can attend a playgroup.

School lessons - so as not to lose touch with education

CBCA teachers teach schoolchildren and provide them with books, exercise books and pens. The school lessons bring a little normality to the difficult everyday life.

Medical care - to prevent diseases from spreading

The church has set up a health center in the middle of the camp, where doctors provide medical care for children and psychotherapists help traumatized children to overcome their fears.


Volunteers distribute porridge

To prevent malnutrition, volunteers cook porridge for hundreds of children every day.

UEM organizes crisis management workshops to support children

The UEM churches care for children and their families in acute emergency situations. In addition, the United Evangelical Mission organizes workshops on crisis management in which those responsible in the UEM churches can share their experiences and learn from each other. So that they can support children even more effectively in the future.

Photo: J. Schermuly/VEM
Terri-Lynn Smith
Project Officer and Fundraising Officer
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