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Church celebrates.

  • Church.

    As a church we are the worldwide community of all people who believe in Jesus Christ - independent of any institution.

    In the person of Jesus Christ we discover God's action in this world: God, the creator of heaven and earth, made man, us - you and me. He wants a living relationship with his creatures. God courts people, goes after them, seeks them - and finally comes very close to them in his Son Jesus Christ. God has everything in his hands. He frees from slavery, loneliness and death. His Holy Spirit changes people and makes new beginnings possible. His name is program: "I am for you!" God willing, life will succeed.

    How do we know all this? First: The stories of the Bible tell us. Here we can read about the deeds of God himself. And then: For more than 2000 years, men and women, young and old, have experienced again and again how this faith in Jesus Christ positively changes their own lives. We are also part of this tradition today.


  • We celebrate.

    We're on the road together. We praise God, sing and pray, read the Bible together. We laugh cheerfully and comfort each other in difficult times. We share our faith - and life. We live everyday life and celebrate festivals.

    In doing so, we always remember what makes up our faith. Jesus Christ is at the centre. We remember his birth at Christmas, his death on the cross on Good Friday, his resurrection from the dead at Easter and his Ascension - and what all this has to do with our lives.

    The first feast of the young Church was - and still is today - Sunday. A festive interruption of everyday life. From it the other feasts have emerged: Since the second century, Easter has been witnessed In the fourth century Christmas (a little later also the Advent season) and Pentecost were added. In this period we also find the first references to Good Friday celebrations. Since the fifth century, the church celebrates Ascension Day. These great and important Christian celebrations form the basic framework of the "church year". In addition, there are, depending on the church character, further festivals which are celebrated in the course of a year. For example, the Harvest Festival is still not an official but a common part of the church year and has been celebrated since the third century. Eternity Sunday (or Sunday of the Dead) is only celebrated in the Protestant churches in Germany at the beginning of the 19th century (as a counterpart to the celebration of All Souls' Day).

  • We invite you:

    Discover with us the meaning and content of Christian celebrations, especially now! We remember the one who says of himself, "I am life." Even more: "I have come to give life, life in abundance." (see John 10:10 | Good News Bible).

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