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But who are you to judge your neighbours?

The topic "Against Discrimination and Exclusion" is the focus of the 2022 UEM Human Rights Campaign with the Bible verse "But who are you to judge your neighbours?" (James 4:12) Discrimination is an everyday reality among our members. That is why we have taken up this topic again - this time with different thematic focuses in the three UEM regions:

Africa Region: Strengthening the rights of people with disabilities
Asia Region: Ensuring religious freedom
Germany Region: Overcoming Racial Discrimination

And something else is different this year: We have decided on two posters in the German region. This means that you decide which poster should hang in your parish hall or on the church door, for example.

With the action poster and the material sent to you, we would like to invite churches and congregations to participate in this action. Please support our projects against discrimination and exclusion. You can donate online here.

If you are interested in further posters, postcards or brochures, you can download them (see right column) or order a print copy from us jpic[at]

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