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Our Network

We are a member of a range of international, national and regional organisations and work in close co-operation with various networks, alliances and campaigns focused on specific issues, We help ensure that the potential of the Church and civil society throughout the world is used to bring about social change.


ACT Alliance

ACT Alliance is a coalition of 135 churches and faith-based humanitarian and development organisations working together in over 120 countries throughout the world. ACT stands for »Action by Churches Together«. Its purpose is to improve the co-ordination of the churches’ global humanitarian aid and, through compliance with shared quality standards, make it even more effective.

Association of Protestant Churches and Missions in Germany

The Association of Protestant Churches and Missions in Germany (EMW) is an umbrella organsition and professional association of Protestant churches, Protestant free churches and regional mission organisations as well as individual missionary associations and institutions with their headquarters in Germany.

West Papua Network

The Network is a forum of human rights, solidarity and environmental groups, church district partnership groups, Protestant and Catholic church organisations and individuals in Germany working for peace and justice in West Papua.

Ecumenical Network Central Africa (ÖNZ)

The ÖNZ is an association of church-based agencies working together with churches and civil society organisations in the Great Lakes Region (DR Congo, Rwanda, Burundi) for peace, human rights and development. The ÖNZ campaigns politically on behalf of the region and against the continuing marginalisation of countries in the Great Lakes Region of Africa.


Fresh Expressions of Church – that’s the name of the nationwide renewal movement (originating in England) with around one hundred projects. »Fresh-X« projects are aimed at people who no longer feel at home in traditional churches and parishes and are seeking an alternative. »Fresh-X« parishes preach the faith in a sensitive, empathetic manner. The UEM has been involved for many years in the »Fresh-X« movement.

Sisters' Community of UEM

The UEM Sisters' Community is made up of women who are close to the work and goals of the UEM. The sisters are involved in their local churches and in partnership work. They meet in regions throughout the year for dialogue and prayer. Once a year, the sisters meet for the central Sisters' Day.

The UEM sisters' community

Human Rights Forum

The Human Rights Forum is a network of over 50 German non-governmental organisations that are committed to improving the comprehensive protection of human rights - worldwide, in individual regions of the world and in Germany.

Climate Alliance

The Climate Alliance is an organisation with over 130 members from the environment, church, development, education, culture, health, consumer protection, youth and trade unions. It is committed to an ambitious climate policy and a successful energy transition at local, national, European and international level.

The Clean Clothes Campaign is committed to improving the working and living conditions of workers in the fashion industry worldwide. It is part of the Clean Clothes Campaign network. Over 200 human rights organisations, women's organisations, trade unions and consumer associations work together worldwide.


Archives and Museum Foundation of the UEM (AMS der UEM)

In accordance with its statutes, the Archives and Museum Foundation of the UEM supports the United Evangelical Mission and its members in Africa, Asia and Germany. The AMF of the UEM enjoys a high level of interest as well as scientific and international recognition. The AMF of the UEM also sees itself as a part of the public relations of the UEM. Members of the UEM work here on legal and historical issues. They also continue to use the expertise of the AMS of the UEM for the continued development of the museum and archives. At a local and regional level, the AMS of the UEM provides insights into the history of the Bethel Mission and the Rhenish Mission through exhibitions, seminars and co-operation.

Kivu Foundation

The name of the foundation, established in 1997, is taken from the Kivu region in the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. The foundation was established by a group of heirs in Germany with the purpose of raising funds for the promotion of religion and development aid through the Baptist Church in Central Africa (CBCA).


Klima Kollekte

The UEM has been a shareholder in Klima-Kollekte (Climate Collect) since June 2018. Climate protection has been a working priority of the UEM since 2008. The reduction of, or compensation for, CO2 emissions within the UEM is just one of the many climate protection projects supported by the UEM since then. Klima-Kollekte is a CO2 compensation fund run by Christian churches in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, through which organisations, institutions, companies and individuals can offset their emissions. The compensation contribution is channelled into climate protection projects in emerging and developing countries in the areas of renewable energies and energy efficiency.

Please, find a complete overview of our cooperation partners and alliances here.


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