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Here is an assortment of our cooperative partners (our memberchurches you can find here):

Evangelisches Missionswerk in Germany (EMW)

The Evangelical Mission Institute in Germany is the umbrella association of the evangelical mission organisations in Germany.

Mission: um Gottes Willen - der Welt zuliebe

Mission: for Gods Sake - in Love to the World. An initiative of evangelical mission institutes, organisations and churches under the umbrella of the Evangelical Mission Institutes in Germany (EMW).

Klima-Kollekte gGmbH

Since June 2018, we have been a shareholder of Klima-Kollekte. Klima-Kollekte gGmbH is a CO2 compensation fund of Christian churches through which organisations, institutions, companies and individuals can offset their emissions. The compensation contribution flows into climate protection projects in emerging and developing countries in the fields of renewable energies and energy efficiency. The projects serve not only climate protection, but also contribute to poverty reduction on the ground and to the implementation of sustainable development goals (SDG).

We make compensation payments for the amount of CO2 emissions caused by our employees' flights for business purposes. The money will go to the joint certified climate protection project of the Evangelical Anglican Church in Rwanda (EAR), which aims to reduce CO2 emissions from cooking stoves in Rwanda.


Klima-Allianz Deutschland

The Climate-Alliance Germany. We are a member of the climate-alliance, a partnership of more than 100 social and church-based groups, which brings climate issues into action.


For that matter we also invest in equalisation payments for our amount of CO2-emissions of the business flights of our staff. The money benefits via „Flight Fair Care“-Fonds a project of climate protection on the Philippines, which has the goal of waterelectric power.

Südwind – Institut für Ökonomie und Ökumene

Southwind - Institute for Economy and Ecumene. The researches of the SÜDWIND-studies verify that the people inside Germany – the politicans, economists, and also the consumers – have a joint responsebility for grievances in their own and other states, exspecially within the southern countries. SÜDWIND works closely together with other institutes and organisations of the development cooperation.

Forum Menschenrechte

The Forum of Humanrights is a network of more than 40 german Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs), which improves the worldwide protection of humanrights.

Aktionsbündnis Menschenrechte Philippinen

The United Evangelical Mission is cofounder of the Actionalliance Humanrights Philippines. The network wants to point out the development of Politics and human rights within the Philippines. Aim is to increase pressure on the government, so the waves of violence against the activists for human or civil rights, also journalists will end and the offenders shall be justiced.

Act Alliance

The Act Alliance is an international church network and one of the alliances for humanitarian work and development aid. It is active worldwide in the event of disasters, development issues and lobbying and offers help to people affected by need, poverty or injustice. The secretariat of the association is located in Geneva. ACT stands for "Action by Churches Together". The organisation has 140 members.


The Westpapua-Network is a forum for organisations and individuals in Germany, which considers about political, social-cultural and religious issues in West Papua. It has no structural presettings, but is open for all ideas and discussions. The joined organisations though are mostly the ones concerning human rights, solidarity, environment and some others from church-partnerships and congregations of protestant and catholic churches.

Aktionsbündnis gegen Aids

The Actionalliance against Aids is a cooperation of 100 church-related and civil organisations with interest of Aids and development, aswell as more than 270 basical groups within the whole country. The UEM is active in the counsel for campains.

Netzwerk Kirchliche Aids-Seelsorge

The Network of Congregational Aids-Welfare – is the name of an association of caregivers involved in the work of HIV and Aids.

Kampagne für Saubere Kleidung

The Campagne for »Clean« Clothing supports the improval of working conditions of the worldwide textile industry. It claims the adherence of social standards in manufacturing and marketing of the german textile distributers. e.V.

The was initiated by represantatives of activists and organisations from politics, society and churches, who maintain longstanding and intensive relations to Tanzania. The association cultivates its relations between Germany and Tanzania through spiritual, cultural, religious, economical and civil exchange.

International Partnership on Religion and Sustainable Development (PaRD)

PaRD brings together governmental and intergovernmental entities with diverse civil society organisations (CSOs) and faith-based organisations (FBOs), to engage the social capital and capacities vested in diverse faith communities for sustainable development and humanitarian assistance in the spirit of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


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