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Prayer Alerts 2022

  • Prayer Alert - July, 15, 2022

    Dear Sisters and Brothers,

    In a statement released July 14, 2022, the eleven church leaders of the National Council of Churches in Sri Lanka warn of a "grave political catastrophe" Sri Lanka is heading towards, due to its worst economic crisis to date. Following the resignation and flight of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to Singapore, a curfew was imposed in the capital and a state of emergency was declared throughout the country. In Sri Lanka, thousands continue to protest against the political leadership. The interim government of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe must fear further unrest.

    In their statement, the church leaders, including Church President W.P. Ebenezer Joseph of the Methodist Church in Sri Lanka, call on those in power to respond appropriately to the current situation to avert a collapse of the state. The National Council of Churches of Sri Lanka addresses those who denounce the corrupt system of rule in the country and especially the youth, urging them to abide by the laws in force in their just engagement and not to destroy public or private property.

    Furthermore, the theologians appeal to the political decision-makers and those in power not to exploit the current situation for an abuse of power and not to inflame the difficult situation in order to derive from it measures to expand their own powers. Parliamentarians are called upon to consider "the voice of the public". To this end, a joint all-party government is to be formed to lead the country out of bankruptcy with united forces. Last but not least, the country's military and police are asked to handle the people's frustration prudently and cautiously and to use a minimum of force during the protests. In the same vein, protesters are urged to respect the duties of the military and police.

    The National Council of Churches expresses its hope that Sri Lanka as a nation can overcome its current challenges together so as not to end up as a failed state. Sri Lankan churches offer their solidarity, support and cooperation for this purpose.


    We pray for the predominantly young demonstrators of Sri Lanka,
    that their denouncing of the prevailing system, the lack of rule of law and governance stays peaceful and desist from any acts of violence against property and authorities.

    We pray for those in power,
    not to abuse their authority or provoke the patience of the public and create an atmosphere for violence which could be used as a tool and excuse to consolidate their aspiration for power.

    We pray for the Parliamentarians and authorities,
    to respect and heed to the voice of the public and to place the interest of the country as first priority.

    We pray for the Armed Forces and the Police,
    to act with caution in dealing with the frustration of the people in their sincere efforts towards responsible and accountable governance.

    We pray for the church leaders and clergy,
    that they find the right words to contribute to the de-escalation of the situation and at the same time to fulfill their prophetic mission for society.

    We pray for all people of Sri Lanka,
    who are starving and suffering due to the economic crisis and experiencing existential fears due to the unrest. Especially for those who are in deep mourning for victims of violence.

    God of life, in your mercy hear our prayers!

  • Prayer Alert - May, 05, 2022

    Dear Sisters and Brothers,

    We continue to pray for the innocent victims of the Ukraine war.

    UEM African particpants to an online workshop, prayed: “ Our heavenly father, we ask you to provide your peace to the worldwide suffering community, especially today, we bring to you,  the innocent Ukraine population, praying that they escape the power of death and the terrible sufferings your people are experiencing. Show your mighty love to your children by stopping this war which is destroying the humanity”.

     On the 26th April 2022, the UEM Africa Department received the following prayer alert from UEM member, the CBCA- Baptist Church in Central Africa, in Goma, the Democratic Republic Congo.

    General Situation in North Kivu and Ituri Provinces of the DRC:


    • The state of siege in the provinces of North Kivu and Ituri, proclaimed since May 6, 2021, remains the last strategic way of the Government of D.R.Congo to quickly put an end to the insecurity that causes huge number of deaths among the DRC population on a daily basis.  This exceptional state of siege measure will remain in force until the objective of its establishment is declared to have been achieved or when the circumstances that motivated it disappear and that security is re-established.
    • The DRC is a newest member of the East African Economic Community (EAC). Hopefully the countries’ synergies will address the fragile security situation in Eastern Congo.
    • Unfortunately, the population of TCHANZU, RUNYONYI, BUGUSA, GISIZA and TCHEYA in the territory of Rutshuru experience sufferings from armed attacks.


    • There is a precarious security situation and its consequences including cases of seriously wounded people without any appropriate medical care, separation of children and their families, theft of property belonging to the local population. In Beni, the population was obliged to leave their homes to be refugees in Kasese/Uganda. Among them: big numbers of children, women, elderly and people with disabilities.


    • The war in Ukraine, which started almost two months ago has an economic impact on the lives of the population as trade with some Western countries is no longer possible. This increases the price of basic daily foodstuffs such as salt, sugar, rice, oil, etc.

    We ask you to join us with your prayer:

    • Pray for the DRC authorities to fairly and justly keep the state of siege for the protection of the suffering population.
    • Pray for the peace and stability to be recovered in Ukraine for the direct and indirect sufferers to have peace and stability and be able to vacate to their daily work in peace.
    • Pray for the reinforcement of the operational capacities of DRC churches in the area of human rights and peacebuilding.
    • Pray for the peace and stability to be recovered, for the population in the internally displaced or refugee camps to go back to their homes to vacate to their daily work in peace.

    We also have received another prayer request  from the UEM member from South Africa, the URCSA- Uniting Reformed Church of South Africa:

    In April 2022, days of heavy rain across KwaZulu-Natal in South-eastern South Africa led to deadly floods. Particularly hard-hit were areas in and around Durban. At least 450 people have been reported dead, and 63 people are still missing. Several thousand homes were damaged or destroyed.

    Critical infrastructure, including major roads, transportation, communication, and electrical systems, were also impacted by the flooding, and this damage greatly hampered recovery and relief efforts. It is one of the deadliest natural disasters in the country in the 21st century, and the deadliest storm since the 1987 floods. The floods have caused R5.7 billion ($389 million) in infrastructure damage.

    • Pray for the population and the families who have lost their family members and infrastructures that have been destroyed to be recovered.


  • Prayer Alert - March, 25, 2022

    Dear Sisters and Brothers,

    Tomorrow, March 26, the Methodist Church Sri Lanka will hold a Prayer for the Nation. With this alert, we are asking all of you to join in prayers for Sri Lanka.

    The country is in the middle of a catastrophic crisis which has been building in the aftermath of the internal war which ended in 2009. To rebuild the country, the government went into massive debt. Then, the Easter bombings in 2019 and the COVID-19 pandemic from 2020 brought its tourist industry, the main generator of foreign currency, to a complete stop. Sri Lanka is now in a situation where currency reserves are critically low, and where about 80% of public income go into paying interest on international debt. The resulting economic chaos has caused untold suffering to many thousands of daily wage earners, agricultural laborers, and the self-employed.

    The lack of foreign currency led the Sri Lankan government to stop importing chemical fertilizer in 2020, badly affecting harvests. The ongoing financial crisis has, in the last four months, led to shortages of milk powder, sugar, flour, spices, cooking gas, rice, and even paper, creating panic buying, rationing and an escalation of prices. Many poor citizens now have to decide every morning whether to go to work or to queue for food.

    Recently, the war in Ukraine has exacerbated the crisis. There is now a shortage of medicines, and an acute fuel shortage, leading to daily power cuts of 5-7 hours.

    And just last week, the official exchange rate of the Sri Lankan Rupee was changed from 203 Rupies/US$ to 260 Rupies/US$, immediately increasing prices of daily necessities by at least another 25%.

    Rev. Ebenezer Joseph, President of the Methodist Church Sri Lanka, writes:

    “Our immediate concern is the poor vast majority of the people who are shocked and dumbfounded. This will also have a great impact on the running of the church, as the vast majority of the people will not be able to regularly make their regular offerings but on the other hand, will look for relief and solace from the Church.

    This is the result of ill-advised fiscal mismanagement due to political pressures and rampant corruption specially in the last ten years while Sri Lankan International debt has gone soaring high. Now the ordinary and poor people have to pay the price through their sweat and blood. 

    It is no use blaming the pandemic as all South Asian countries have managed their economy fairly well in spite of Covid-19.

    Where are we heading to?

    Obviously, the sad plight is overshadowed by shrinking of the democratic space and gross violations of human rights. The Judiciary too is losing its independence due systematic political manipulation and militarization and the chaotic means of addressing the current debate is all frightening. The happenings in the Central Bank, the contradictory decisions made by the Central Bank and the Finance Ministry are all signs of inexperience and mismanagement. Things seem to be really out of control.

    We will need your solidarity and prayers to fulfill the prophetic role of the church and become viable agents of transformation.

    We will need immense courage and stamina to continue to be the voice of hope, while being immersed in the miseries of the people, sharing their fears, anxieties and frustrations, that is daily rising.

    We will need a deep-rooted spirituality to live by the values of the Gospel.

    We are not just sitting on top of a volcano but a volcano that has begun to erupt. We do hope that this contextual reality will be in your minds as you think, act and pray for “Sri Lanka”.”

    Please find below the prayer points which the Methodist Church will take up tomorrow, and join the whole UEM community in prayers for Sri Lanka. Thank you!

    Prayer Points

    Acknowledging our Failures – Call to Repent

    • Our Consumerist Life Style
    • Our selfishness and desire to fulfill our needs alone
    • Failure to stand up for truth
    • Our Silence – Complicity in all that was going on in the past decades as the country plunged into the debt crisis.



    Pray For

    • Pray for specially the poor, and the unemployed, specially remembering the agricultural labourers, plantation labourers, the poor elderly pensioners as they have to cope up with multiple challenges such as
      • The cost of living that gone up by nearly 75% in the last six months.
      • The value of the money has gone down by nearly 40%
      • Standing in several queues
      • Coping with shortage in fuel and electricity, power cuts of nearly 7 ½ hours along with many other shortage of essentials items as well.
    • Pray for the sick as the cost of medicines has gone up while there is a shortage of medicines as well.
    • The children whose normal life and education is interrupted due to pandemic and immediately followed by the economic crisis.
    • For all political leaders irrespective of their political affiliation to acknowledge their failures and work together for the welfare of the people.
    • For the Religious Leaders to uphold the values of life, strengthen unity among people and work towards removing the sufferings of the people.
    • For the welfare and prosperity of the entire nation.
    • Enable people and specially the Church to make appropriate sacrificial commitment and adopt a life style that brings viable alternatives to the current crisis.
    • Political Leaders, Economic Advisors, Government Officials that they act with prudence filled with divine wisdom, in order to take the country out of this chaos.

    God of life, in your mercy hear our prayers!



  • Prayer Alert - March, 08, 2022

    Dear Sisters and Brothers,

    The ongoing invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops is not only a European issue. If it does not end very soon, it will have a catastrophic impact on worldwide food production, for several reasons:

    • Ukraine is one of the largest exporters worldwide of food grains, and right now, fields cannot be sown, meaning that there will be no or a much reduced harvest this fall.
    • Russia is a major exporter of oil, gas and several ingredients necessary for chemical fertilizer, like potash and phosphate. All of these exports are being hit by sanctions.

    Gilbert Houngbo, President of IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development) says: (

    “Forty percent of wheat and corn exports from Ukraine go to the Middle East and Africa, which are already grappling with hunger issues, and where further food shortages or price increases could stoke social unrest.

    Currently one in ten people in the world do not have enough to eat, and millions have been pushed into poverty and hunger by the impact of extreme weather events and the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. The continuation of this conflict, already a tragedy for those directly involved, will be catastrophic for the entire world, and particularly those that are already struggling to feed their families.”

    Therefore, today we want to share with you the following message and prayer by Esther Sudhajini, Youth Co-ordinator of the Methodist Church – Sri Lanka Youth Department.

    Dear UEM Members,

    Over the last week, the entire world witnessed the devastation of war breaking out in Ukraine. In times like these, it can be tempting to think there is nothing we can do. But just as I have often said this semester, if you are believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, there is absolutely something that you can do and what we can all do together. We can pray . Bible says, Jesus tells his disciples a parable in order to teach them that ‘’they ought always to pray and not lose heart. ‘’ So as a UEM family, let us all pray without losing heart as we go to the God who is over all things. 

    Let us pray that God would bring an end to the invasion in Ukraine.

    Loving God, We pray for the Ukraine, for all those suffering or afraid, that you will be close to them and protect them. We pray for world leaders , for compassion, strength and wisdom to guide their choices. We pray for the world that in this moment of cricis, we may reach out in solidarity to our brothers & sisters in need. May we walk in your ways so that peace and justice become a  reality for the people of Ukraine and for all over the world.



  • Prayer Alert - February, 25, 2022

    Dear sisters and brothers,

    Amidst the humane crisis in Ukraine, we also uphold our prayers for our brothers and sisters in the land of Papua especially after the solidarity visit of the UEM Indonesian Church leaders and the Communion of Churches in Indonesia from February 2-9, 2022. UEM Moderator Willem TP Simarmata strongly highlights his observations after the visit: “We are also concerned about incidents such as human rights violations, poverty, stunting or malnutrition in children, discrimination and racism that the Papuan people are still experiencing today”. The Chairperson GKI-TP Synod Rev. Andrikus Mofu states:  “Whoever mentions Papua mentions the Gospel and whoever mentions the Gospel has a vocation to fight against the powers of darkness, underdevelopment, poverty and humanity.”

    The participants of the solidarity visit witnessed a number of humane, social, political and economic crises in Papua. The deployment of Indonesian National Army have been intensified, which created fear and trauma among the Papuan society. Massive systemic land grabbing have been deteriorating which threaten rights of the indigenous people. Violence toward the civil society by the military troops are daily evidence in the regions. Criminalization of the children especially after the murder of 4 Indonesian armies recently was executed by the legal apparatus (police, attorney, and judiciary).  

    With our sisters and brothers in Ukraine and Papua let us ask for God´s mercy, let us pray…

    God of mercy, be with our brothers and sisters in Ukraine, who are now facing enormous anxiety, insecurity and humane crisis. Send your wisdom to all international and national talks for peace and reconciliation. We ask you humbly to end this crisis as this war will only destroy your integrity of creation.

    God of mercy, you hear the cry and shouts for help from our brothers and sisters in the land of Papua. They are intimidated, violated and discriminated in their own lands. Send the light of the Gospel to them, so that they are able to experience the real meaning of the Gospel: God´s love in welfare, justice and peace in their own land.

    Lord of mercy, hear our prayer. Amen!  


  • Prayer Alert - February, 24, 2022


    Dear sisters and brothers,

    As we have followed the latest conflict situation between Russia and Ukraine, Russia announced the military operation into Ukraine at 5.55am Moscow time today on February 24, 2022. Some minutes later the first attacks through bombings and missile strikes were launched into Ukraine.

    In the capital of Kyiv, an emergency siren has been wailing, and media reports that crowded lines of vehicles were jamming an expressway as people flee the city. A growing sense of panic has emerged. Many populations are being rushed into bomb shelters and into basements. Media reports people praying in the streets, come together in groups.

    Together with the people in Ukraine we pray to the Lord as they are now in fearful anxiety and expecting a large scale of humane crisis in the short future. Let us pray for immediate ceasefire as the war will only create the death and suffering inevitably for the children, women and men of Ukraine. We pray for any immediate political conversations, which could cease the current conflict, so that peace may yet prevail in the regions.

    Let us pray:

    Gracious Lord,

    We ask you fervently for the people of Ukraine. The situation they now face is horrifying. We ask that the people of Ukraine may be safe and secure, and they would find peace soon.

    We plea to you for our world leaders that they work through diplomacy, and prepare for avoiding a large-scale war.

    We ask you humbly for an immediate termination to the current armed hostilities. Protect all human lives and communities threatened by this violence in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.



  • Prayer Alert - February, 14, 2022

    Dear Sisters and Brothers,

    Our prayer alert today comes from the von Bodelschwingh Foundation Bethel, our member in Germany.

    Rev. Philipp Katzmann, Theological Director of the Protestant Hospital in Bethel, writes the following:

    The co-workers in our Bethel Hospital Gilead are especially challenged by the Corona Pandemic. In the beginning, when Corona was very much unknown, there was a lot of insecurity and anxiety amongst the staff. With lockdown of schools and other facilities, even at home the situation was tense, especially for the families where children had to be kept at home.

    During summer the situation relaxed a bit but nevertheless the tension was high in the hospital as there were many very severely ill Corona patients, not only in intensive care. Members of staff had to cope with suffering of too many patients who could not be healed. That was mentally and physically challenging, as quite a significant number of colleagues fell sick themselves.

    Nurses and doctors had to be very close to the patients as friends and relatives were prohibited from visiting in order to reduce the danger of further infections. People died very lonely in hospitals and old people’s homes -- another emotional challenge for the members of staff.

    Right now the law for compulsory corona vaccination means another challenge as 8% of hospital staff in Bethel is not yet vaccinated. Fatigue, grief, frustration and sometimes even anger are the main feelings amongst members of hospital staff.

    Let us be grateful for all protection, for all people who have done their duty with respect and a feeling of responsibility for the infected ones.

    Let us pray for all who lost their lives in the Pandemic. We commend them into God’s merciful hands.

    Let us pray for energy and wisdom for all who work in the hospitals. May God bless the work of all nurses, doctors and other hospital staff and help us not to forget the important service they do for our communities.

    Philipp Katzmann

    Theological Director Evangelical Hospital Bethel


  • Prayer Alert - February, 07,2022

    Dear Sisters and Brothers,

    an 18-members delegation is conducting a solidarity visit to the member church of the UEM in West Papua, GKI Tanah Papua, from February 2-9, 2022. The delegation includes church leaders of the UEM members from Sumatra, Java, Nias and Kalimantan as well as the moderator of the UEM and the vice-moderator of the Asia region with the staff of the Asia regional office of the UEM and representatives of the Indonesian Council of Churches (PGI). The visit was triggered by the increasing cases of violence and even killings by state security forces in Papua.

    Ms. Irma Simanjuntak, UEM advocacy co-worker in Asia Region, who accompanies the solidarity visit, asks us to pray:

    “Thanks to God that the participants of Solidarity Visit in Papua 2022 arrived safely in Manokwari, West Papua. Thanks to God for the hospitality of GKI-TP Synod to welcome all participants and guests warmly. Thanks to God that the opening ceremony was done well today. This Solidarity Visit reminds all of participants to realize solidarity action starting from small things, such as giving ears to listen to others, giving heart to feel emotion and giving hands and feet to work for the good things. Pray for every activity during this visit: Sharing condition and situation of churches in Papua, local government and community or civil society who become the victims of conflict in Papua. Pray that God gives us strength to do His will and to strengthen the community through this solidarity visit to realize love, peace and justice in Papua.”


  • Prayer Alert - January, 28, 2022

    Dear Sisters and Brothers,


    We are happy to be able today to send you a short prayer alert with good news, coming from the United Church of Christ in the Philippines:


    Pastor Benjie Gomez of the UCCP was released from detention on January 26, 2022.

    The trumped-up, recycled murder charge in Zamboanga del Norte against Pastor Benjie has been dismissed.

    We continue to raise concerns for the safety of Pastor Benjie and his family, as he continues his ministry. Thank you for your advocacy and prayers!




  • Prayer Alert - January, 11, 2022

    Dear Sisters and Brothers,


    The UEM Africa Department received very sad news that Pastor Charles Emmanuel NJIKE, Honorary President of the Evangelical Church of Cameroon (EEC) passed away.

    For a number of months he was leading a reconciliatory process within the Evangelical Church of Cameroon. The Extraordinary Synod held in Yaoundé on December 15, 2021 has elected him to lead the EEC transition group (10 people) as the 2017 elected Team led by Prof Hendje Toya Jean Samuel stepped down to allow the process to be carried out.

    The death occurred yesterday 10.1.2022 in Douala as a result of illness. In this painful circumstance, UEM is inviting sisters and brothers to pray for the family of the Pastor Charles Emmanuel NJIKE and the entire Evangelical Church of Cameroon to find a way forward in the reconciliatory process.

    God bless you all.

    Rev. Dr. John Wesley Kabango


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