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  • Standing together for Refugees

    Emergency Support for DR Congo

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  • “War is against God’s very nature!”

    Peace Message, Issued by UEM Church leaders in the Africa Region

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  • United Action

    Our Fundraising in Africa and Asia

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Many Churches, one Communion

The United Evangelical Mission (UEM) is an international and equitable communion with 39 members, including 38 Protestant churches in Africa, Asia, and Germany, plus the v. Bodelschwingh Foundations Bethel.
The UEM is steadfast in its pursuit of a holistic understanding of mission.

  • 18.06.2024

    Health and Equity

    International Students visit the Mission House


  • 14.06.2024

    Light for Churches Worldwide

    UEM General Secretary Andar Parlindungan honours Theological Declaration of...


  • 13.06.2024

    Strengthening Partnership: In Teaching and Learning

    Andar Parlindungan and Dyah Krismawati visit Dumaguete, Philippines


  • 11.06.2024

    We Think New!

    Executive Secretary Timo Pauler on changes in planning processes at UEM


  • 07.06.2024

    Connecting Music and Theology

    UEM-Sunday in the Africa Region and Consultation on International Church Musik


  • 07.06.2024

    Listening to people, empowering them and praying together

    Rev Félicité Ngnintedem started as a leading Theologian


Standing together in Catastrophies

Together for Refugees

Donation Campaign

Being a child

Your donation by bank transfer:

UEM Asia - Bank BNI - account# 0128002447 - Swift code: BNINIDJAMDN

UEM Africa - CRDB BANK PLC - branch: 3319 - account# 0250299692300 - Swift code: CORUTZTZ

Thank you & be blessed!

Mission today

Quo vadis partnership work?

Challenges and opportunities of internationalization and for equal partnership work. UEM board publishes a statement on power relations in church partnerships. Foto: A new trilateral partnership was officially established at the General Assembly of the UEM, 2022.

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"Keep what is right and do Justice!"

This call from Isaiah 56:1 stands above this year's human rights campaign of the United Evangelical Mission. "Stand with all those whose rights are broken and disregarded! Exhort your state and those in power to secure and uphold justice and righteousness for all people! "

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Equal before God!

The UEM communion takes a stand against discrimination and racism. At the General Assembly of the UEM in September 2022, the "UEM Code of Conduct (CoC) against Discrimination and Racism" was adopted by the delegates.

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VEM newsletter


Network young adults


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Current UEM dates

Dates and events

Here we would like to keep you informed about current dates and activities in the UEM community.

Find more seminars and conferences throughout the current year on our website.

Fore more information please turn to the respective UEM department.

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Save the date

UEM Country Seminars

7 September 2024, 9-13 h (CEST): Country Seminar Indonesia/Germany: Democracy in danger? The role of the churches before and after the political elections in Indonesia and Germany

13 - 14 September 2024: Country seminar DR Congo / Germany: Topic not yet known

Please find more details on the seminars here >

1 - 7 September 2024

Train the trainer

Anti-Racism Workshop in Partnership Work

nternational partnerships between church districts, congregations and social institutions have existed for more than 40 years. They have contributed a great deal to global learning worldwide. Reflection on this subtle racism has progressed in recent times, but what is missing is targeted training for partnership groups in Germany as well as in the Global South.

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8 - 18 November 2024

International Workshops

International Mime Art Workshop

International Mime Art Workshop on the topic: “The Beam in our Eye – Discrimination in the Church and Diakonia”
Part 1: 18 – 28 November 2024, Philippines, Cebu
Practiced over generations, pantomime has developed into a valuable communication medium between languages ​​and cultures: because it does not use words, it is immediately understandable in all cultures.


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Mission Sparks & Mission Echo from our Regional Offices

New edition of "Mission Sparks" now available

You want to get some news from UEM? Download the current issue of our magazine free of charge! Here you read reports and features from the UEM community. We have a special focus on the countries of the UEM member churches, on church partnership work and on ecumenism. Enjoy!


Museum and Archives

Find out more about us

With a large number of exhibitions in Wuppertal and throughout Germany, we provide insights into the history of mission, present the work of missionaries and shed light on interesting cultural and historical topics.

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The "Museum auf der Hardt" is open on Sunday, 7 July 2024

Find out about the requirements for a visit here.

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Object and Picture of the Month

Find out more about an object and a picture from our collection every month. Let us take you on a short historical journey.

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